Saturday, December 25, 2010

2nd Dimensional World: Christians, Muslims and Others

When SFHG was in his 20s, he fell asleep; upon waking he found himself floating above his body.  Things to note and what they imply:

There is a second body: This means you have to take care of it -- food, water, shelter, clothing, healthcare, job application, networking, etc.

Unless you're a very special person, the judgement is probably a social worker, integration  or orientation worker.  God, Jesus, Muhammad and other religious figures are not there.

Everything looks brighter than the 1st dimensional world.

When SFHG woke up, 2 or 3 entire hours had passed.  There's a sense of timelessness:  30 seconds in the 2nd dimensional world equals 2 or 3 hours in the 1st dimensional world when you wake up.

Surrroundings look just like they do in the 1st dimensional world, maybe a little brighter.

A-State:  When you fall asleep at night, you go black or blank during part of the sleep cycle.  This is probably delta state.  SFHG believes people sometimes wake up in their 2nd body during delta state and upon waking up in their 1st body, do not remember or remember very little of activities that occurred while black or blank.

When you wake up in the second body, note that it can use dreamspray to spray a tube on to the ceiling (to denote YES) or on to the floor (to denote NO).  So, just before you go to sleep, think of a question to ask your A-State self.  Make sure to spray the tube thick enough for your physical self to see.

If you're a little skilled, you can form or "materialize" an image of an object in a pocket, bubble or blob of dreamspray.

Suggested questions to ask your 2nd self:

Do I need food and water on the other side?
Am I all knowing?
Do people lie or cause trouble?
Is there healthcare?
Is my grandmother alright?
Can I possess people?  Can most people, on the other side, possess people?
Can or do people attack with dreamspray on the other side?
Do people stay quiet about dreamspray because they consider it to be psychic powers?
On the average, what's the lifespan of people or spirits?

Note:  1st and 2nd dimensional world people can give you dreams by focusing dreamspray onto the center of the forehead or into the eyes (as long as dreamspray images are conducted into an eye.) 

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