Monday, December 20, 2010

What is it?

Discovery Year:  1991

Discovery Place:  Gas station

What it looks like:  Images of words and pictures floating in the air.  Also, it's what makes a place look dark and give a place its dangerous- or bright, supportive and positive atmosphere.

Properties:  After induction with dreamspray, people can beam holograms and command various types of spray attacks.  The blind, who have dreams, may also be able to see images with it if you beam a hologram on to the center of the forehead or feed an image into an eye.

SFHG believes it to be the chemical dreams are formed with, sprayed externally via the ducts at the ends of the eyelids.

Usage:  SFHG uses dreamspray holograms to help people, mostly the poor and needy, and fend off the mixed nuts.  Text, pictures and formatting can be applied.   The mixed nuts, regular Joes and dumb Joes -- there's also the smart cookies -- scramble and block holograms.  MNs used to beam automatic lie holograms or "trick" people as they call it, and used to treat dreamspray like a do-anything-you-want-to-the-opponent video game.  They're responsible for causing 24 hour attacks.  If you voice a complaint to MNs, they resopnd with, "I do not believe in psychic powers."  They are well aware the attacks affect -- causing symptoms -- people sometimes (depends on concentration and type of attack).

Older names for dreamspray:  Psychic powers; pheromone spray or pheromone compound spray because it can affect you mood, thoughts and feelings.  One thing dreamspray is not is psychic powers; properties and descriptions are completely different.  It took years to "guess" what to name it.

Contacting 9-1-1, hospital, police, Dept. of Public Health, EPA and FBI:
Yes, of course.  Hopefully, the OPD dispatched a call that the public was spray attacking and referred them to the emergency room, if they experienced cold, flu or toothache symptoms.  Because it was a new chemical, SFHG had to answer a ton of questions before the doctor called 9-1-1 and 9-1-1 called SFHG.

Problems came with MN's trick or lie holograms. They succeeded in tricking SFHG into believing that they were drug dealers and murderers by adding false address, drug and gun information to holograms.  Should have noticed that too much of 2 types of gun information came in.  Half of each of 20 e-mails to the police contained the false information and the other half contained accurate dreamspray attack information, which they probably couldn't process because they believed it to be a new chemical (out of their jurisdiction) or imaginary.

The MNs started constant  dreamspray attacks on SFHG because he put a hologram of Boycott Drugs on the TransAmerica Pyramid.  Attacks, on and off, lasted for a decade.

Contacting the media about dreamspray attacks:
Problematic.  DS attacks and holograms can be sketched but not recorded via camera.  The media may also consider DS to be psychic powers and therefore deliberately not speak about it to avoid getting fired, reprimanded or called nuts.  Also, attacks experienced may not be long or strong enough.

Sent simple drawings to Channel 2.  No action was taken.

Why should you care?
Other than the mixed nuts, regular Joes and dumb Joes interfering with your walking and sleeping via dreamspray attack, they may target a VIP.

Most people affected by dreamspray attacks suffer only 1 or 2 symptoms.  They were located in Oakland, San Francisco, Alameda and Berkeley, CA.  If you boycotted drugs via DS hologram, you may suffer dozens of symptoms.

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