Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dreamspray withdrawal of information effect

The dreamspray withdrawal of information effect works on the mixed nuts (dumbest drug dealers and addicts) who constantly attack.

Withdrawal of information is usually what the mixed nuts do to the public for fun.  They usually use the defeat command to show the victim's ideas or image to embarrass him/her during communication with informational holograms or attack.  It's also known as stealing information.  Of course, the mixed nuts think very little of the danger of stealing information.

Here are the criteria for making the withdrawal of information effect (WIE) work:

1.  There has to be a sufficient charge of withdrawal of information type of dreamspray;

2.  The withdrawal of information type of DS must be in contact with both the attacker/thief and interrogator/interviewer;

3.  Trick the target into displaying his/her information or think-withdraw (short-term) memory numbers, letters and images via a DS hologram.

Tricking the target into displaying his information via a DS hologram is the most accurate (most amusing for the mixed nuts) method of withdrawing information, but requires confirmation:  thought structure can be superficial to deep and complex.  Make sure no one is standing by the target to avoid mutual withdrawal of information.  Just beam the words PIN number or bomb location in the air or say, "Enter your PIN or bomb location," and wait a couple of seconds.  The target often but not always beams part or all of the PIN number or image of the bomb location onto your DS hologram.  Remember, always corroborate information bounced out; it's really easy to hide thoughts with a little practice.

What if the subject or target hides his information by going blank or flooding his/her mind with extraneous thoughts?

Use the defeat command multiple times (with multiple withdrawers) and filter the limited results received.  So think, "Defeat the mixed nut by withdrawing his PIN number (or bomb location)," and wait for DS hologram numbers, letters and/or images to pop or fall out; then sort results, most to least (or vice versa) likely to be correct.

Remember to aim the withdraw spray at the subject or target.

Does speaking a foreign language matter?

Yes.  You need a bilingual withdrawer or 2 withdrawers:  one to withdraw; one who speaks the subject's or target's language fluently and is minimally skilled at using DS holograms to withdraw information.

What if I can't get withdrawing information via DS hologram to work, no matter what?

Then, I fear that only a few gifted people have the ability to withdwaw unformation via DS hologram.  Also, it simply may be that the withdrawer is not terribly intelligent  and therefore not deft at handling the withdrawal of information type of DS.

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