Monday, December 20, 2010

Positive effects and uses of dreamspray

This is one of my favorte articles.  It denotes socially positive use of dreamspray.  Before we begin, I want you ignore the "experts" and consider whether devil worship, witchcraft and psychic powers work at all because it's really embarrassing when you see officials putting fear into people about something that doesn't work "almost" all of the time.

Dreamspray works because you can see it and write it down.  It's also one of the ways the smart cookies and needy find SFHG's blog. And, obviously you can use DS holograms as a teaching tool, provided DS attacks are not happening nearby.

Dreamspray or dream chemical can conduct thoughts and emotions:  concepts, images and feelings.  You can select or organize the type of thought you want prevalent.  They can be primitive thoughts to ideas in advanced arts and sciences.  Positive use can speed up discovery or realization of important steps in a process.

DS positive effects can also be described as having a good effect on a person, the positive atmosphere or brightness of a place.

Remember to add the words in unison, with everybody else, together, etc. in your muse function or white ops DS commands.  This prevents bias or mixing up the volunteer.  Watch out for the mixed nuts; they'll actively and consciously reverse and block anything good.

First, there must be enough DS in the air.  You can find DS at a place with a happy, fun atmosphere.  Focus on the happy, fun DS in the air to produce more of it.  With your eyes in the  DS perimeter try to form a DS hologram:  Command, "Develop a circle."  If a circle doesn't appear or is barely visible, spray more DS into the air and try again.

Once there is enough DS, command, "Improve the circle." Each subsequent time you improve the circle, images should get more advanced:  circle, planet, planet with longitude and latitude lines, sun, other planets, etc.  If improving doesn't work, you and/or group members don't have the ability to improve images and unfortunately can't use positive DS effects.

If improving the circle does work and you get a series of improved circles, then hooray! You and/or group members are gifted and can use positive DS effects.  Command, "Helluv improve the cure for cancer (general)":  The next possible step in the process or part of it will form quickly in the cancer researcher's mind.

If you DS command, "Improve the doughnut," on a holographic doughnut, sprinkles may appear on it.  If you command "Improve the economy," on the holographic doughnut, boxes of doughnuts on a shelf or part of a doughnut shop may appear.

Innovative dreamspray commands

Helluv improve HIV vaccine technology
Helluv improve HIV theraputic vaccine tecnology
Helluv improve the job economy
Helluv improve Mideast Peace
Helluv improve anti-torture day 2

5 minutes per day, casually repeat the dreamspray affirmations.   Again, in your command, add the words in unison, with everybody else, together, etc. to avoid bias or scrambling the volunteer.  Watch the news or check Google at EOM for results.

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