Saturday, December 11, 2010

San Francisco Hologram Guy

Dreamspray or dream chemical holograms cannot be recorded via standard camera but can be written down or sketched.  Dreamspray is the chemical that allows people to dream.  Unfortunately, it can also be sprayed on to people as an attack; multiple symptoms are possible. Dreamspray's properties are different from traditional description of psychic powers, so it's not psychic powers.

The goal of this blog is to show the public how to defeat the mixed nuts (mostly the dumbest drug dealers and addicts) who use dreamspray to attack, as well as show how to use dreamspray positively.

So how do you stop the drug dealers and addicts from (non-stop) attacking with dreamspray?

There are 2 methods:

1. The public can dreamspray attack the mixed nuts en masse;

2. W-2 traps (mandatory random drug testing at most businesses).

The San Francisco Hologram Guy is for the 2nd method because it cuts off the mixed nuts resources and partially handles the drug problem at the border. SFHG also believes that the drug addicts should be held responsible for supporting murder by their drug sources.


In 1994 or 1995, best SFHG can recall, the mixed nuts (dumbest drug dealers and addicts) attacked the central San Francisco Bay Area with dreamspray: "It's psychic powers! They can't speak about it. Let's have some fun attacking them." SFHG beamed a boycott drugs hologram on the TransAmerica Pyramid and some other locations to complain and ever since the mixed nuts either attacked him with dreamspray or scrambled his holograms. Dreamspray can't kill you, but it's hell of irritating. SFHG lost 3 apartments and spent 17 months in jail because of spray attacks.

With dreamspray attacks come all sorts of political and social problems of attackers and non-attackers. This blog is devoted to unraveling some of them.

If somehow, psychic powers turn out to be real, do not induct an unstable person. People cause a lot of trouble!

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