Friday, December 24, 2010

Gay Marriage and Homosexuality

Dreamspray holograms can be quite informative.  SFHG beamed the message below on pride day at Civic Center in San Francisco.  Subsequently, the plaintiffs in Iowa won 6 to zero.  And, they say dreamspray holograms aren't real.  HA HA HA HA HA!


The subject is the nature of human sexuality.  You have to make make a negative choice before you sin.  If you haven't chosen to be homosexual, then you haven't sinned.  You were born gay.

If you say people choose to be gay, then is it also their choice to be heterosexual?

Some people say that they were heterosexual and made a choice to be homosexual.  You have to go back to the fact that homosexuality is not wrong because it's not by choice.

You can see that homosexuality is wrong.  You can also see that if choice wasn't involved, then sin is not possible.  Common sense and proof are also of God.

If homosexuality is not wrong, then gay marriage is not wrong.

Gay marriage is safer because individuals don't sleep around; they're less likely to contract a STD; a relationship promoting positive values may form.

It's Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.  Pretend they're penguins or another species.  Does male to female sex still or always hold true? Statistically?

Truth gives way to greater truth or proof. 

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