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Economy Methods Notes for January 2018

This gigantic post adds 13 economy methods + other assistance to an existing 71 for a total of 84.  Scroll down to GALLERY to start the party!

SFHG Sci-Fi ideas

My readers tell me Star Trek Discovery is considering using a couple of my ideas. Here's some gift ideas to help the Star Trek Universe along!

Additions or adjustments to Kahless the Unforgettable

  • Fight corruption (with exponential technologies)! Parallel: 100% good Communist China vs. 70% good.
  • Higher % rehabilitation/Lower % punishment due to availability of greater education and resources in the future. For example, a Kahless' holographic justice app with well rounded options to violence.
  • Talk, read and sing antigrav drone for very young Klingons.
  • Bitcoin, blockchain decentralized equivalent to handle terrorism problems.
Resource Wars
  • Harness the power of the entire sun via bottles, force fields and portals.
  • Dramaticallly increase water device and seed farms in strategic locations to prevent war.
  • Antigrav makes massive apartment complexes possible.
Temporal Rescue Drones
  • Looks like gravitons can be controlled! Take 2 graviton eddy currents, oppostite rotations to create a greater chronoton vacuum ( fewer time "particles") or -density (more time "particles").
  • Adjustment to the temporal directive: Do exponential good!
New Technology that Restores Hope
  • String Hopping Engine for Pan Dimensional Radio: listen to an interview with an angelic Q or change the channel on a demonic Q who has nothing useful to say!
  • Borrow a psychic energy charge from a nice Q.  Zap up a clairvoyant, clairaudient radio. Scope copious useful information from family oriented spirits.
That's it for now! Have fun with advances in government in the Gallery section below!

SFHG Update

Don't worry about weapons!  They're all magical and sci-fi! Get details from people being mean to me! Probably on pot!

Afraid of the hologram of the black disk wiping out 1/2 of USA on the TransAmerica Pyramid? It's the symbolism you say! It symbolizes RoboGodzilla Mark 2's, not MechaGodzilla, blackhole attack combined with Sailor Moon's Wand!

What are they smoking!?!

The dumbest drug dealers and mean people are doing 24 hour DCS attacks on me! On and off violent holographic arguments and, of course, the occasional murder threat!

I'll call the police if a gun shows up (for holographically boycotting their stupid drugs)!

Thanks for tweeting to authorities the dumbest drug dealers shot holographic Garfield which happened more than once!

Trouble from the Russian spy stopped! From the spy's thoughts floating in the air, in DCS holographic words, his superiors told him to leave me alone because I was solving gigantic (Russian) problems.

Finding a way to handle the death threat from the Houthi Rebel caller was not that difficult for me. All I had to do was hologram a invitation ticket to solve a gigantic problem of his choice using cherry picked exponential technologies and my 300 peak IQ realizations.

"Israeli Arabs have more rights than in Arab Countries."
"Imam says they do not."
"They chop off hands."
"They actually chop off heads."
"Can you solve the Israeli-Palestinian Problem?"
"K1 drone can reduce Israeli checkpoint long line complaints!"
Holographic video: West Bank Palestinan in a car with a Pizza Hut Pizza and KFC zipping past checkpoint after a few seconds K1 weapons scan and smartphone clearance by an Israeli guard."

It's gotten better since marijuana was legalized in January! Impacted the dumbest drug dealers! DCS attacks reduced!

Palestinians: How much do you suffer under occupation? | Corey Gil-Shuster
Published October 31, 2015
77,805 subscribers


1. H-1B Visa Support App with eCitizenship and frills

  • Genius support app saves USA economy!
  • Stronger and more perfect union!
  • Terrorism proof!  Allows more time to vet the applicant or election to stay in his native country.
  • DCS tool:  With applicant permission, "Build a cookie on the terrorist." Caveat: Infomation needs to be corroborated.

2. New Drone Ideas

  • K1 backpack drone from Knightscope, Inc. Caveat: Doesn't exist yet. Miniaturization needed. Detects bombs, knives, anomalies. Use K1 drone at Israeli checkpoints and events to reduce Palestinian inconvenience complaints. Long lines zilched. 
  • U.N. Talk, Read & Sing Ambassador drones: TRSA
    TRSA caretaking: Talks, Reads and Sings to 1 to 3 year olds
    Balanced Israeli News: "Israeli Arabs have more rights than in Arab countries."
    Untwist Islam in 30 seconds
    Prepaid Udemy, Teachable and Skillshare courses
    Prepaid books: Nanci L. Danison books advice. Start at for a list of Tables of Contents of questions about life. Nanci L. Danison had an NDE and went further than most people. Came back with % of G-d's memory. % of G-d's memory vs. words from an archangel. Kindle editions and Amazon Used tab save the most money.
  • Mentor app: information from great teachers who care
  • Tutor app: information from students who care
  • Cryptocurrencies function: bypasses corruption with decentralization requirement
  • Fundraising app: worldwide crowdfunding, Pennies4AmbassadorDrones
  • eVoting App:  register citizen votes and non-citizen opinions
  • K1 Shield Drone & Gateway to protect buildings from unauthorized aircraft
  • Ambassador Drone with bitcoin + VISA  bank: Free Space Optical Communication Boxes (FSOC) to replace laying fibre optic cable

Exploring a New Approach to Connectivity, Abundance Insider: December 29 Edition, Spotted and Written by Marissa Brassfield

links to

Exploring a new approach to connectivy
Baris Erkmen

Free Space Optical Communications

Lead, X
Dec 14, 2017

3. New App Ideas

  • Israeli-Palestinian Mutual Fund App

    Instant multilateral peace
    Full rights possible
    Great Land (Re)purchase: Pay all parties conditionally to stop the war. Giant .mil savings
    Bitcoin, Blockchain Safety: corruption bypass to the average people
    World funding button
  • Antipoverty Apps with videos and prizes for Palestinians
  • San Francisco Investment App

    Exponential water technologies
    SF is surrounded 3 sides by water
    Good for Silicon Valley 2 foundation

  • CIA Finks App: up to 5 smiling- or frowning stars biz rating
  • Funio (for Africa) App: with cryptocurrency option
  • Safe Jail Cash Technologies R&D
  • Drug Cash Alternative R&D
  • Think Tank University App for Biz Survival

A forgotten ancient grain that could help Africa prosper | Pierre Thiam
Published September  27, 2017

4. Desalination Technologies

  • Reliable One Resources

    Desalination via graphene flakes and membrane at 1/9 the current cost of current systems
    Oil and water separation technology

    The Biggest Breakthrough in Desalination | Money Show
    Feb 13, 2017
    Cause of Oklahoma earthquakes starts at 4:30 seconds

    San Francisco! I strongly advise you to build a desalination plant with Reliable One Resources Technology. Their oil and water separation technology is also a wise investment. Climate change, can't expect it to rain on schedule, growing population and you want Silicon Valley 2.

  • Making Clean Water with a Spark of Electricity | Korneel Rabaey

    June 7, 2016

    Electricity driven bioconversions; chlor-alkali process produces caustic soda and chlorine; prepares 1/3 chemicals in Europe; feed bacteria that convert CO2 into valuable products (acetic acid, aviation fuel, vinegar, polymers); produce chemicals locally; combat sewer corrosion and explosions; safe water in Indian slums

  • Chaitanya Karamchedu

    hydrogel based desalination
    polymer that absorbs water
    using saponified starch grafted polyacrylamides hydrophilic properties to harvest fresh water with low energy and chemical footprint

  • Electrochemically Mediated Seawater Desalination
    GoBeats News, Published on 7/2/13

    Try an Xprize to see who can get really close to 100% desalination with this device.
    University of Marburg in Germany, University of Texas in Austin.
    Electrode that can run on a store bought battery is used to remove salt from ocean water.
    3 volts, 25% desalination, membrane-free method

  • Futurism: Art Meets Tech
    Gorgeous Solar-Powered Pipe Can Desalinate 1.5 Billion Gallons of Seawater

    Author Jasmine Solana
    Editor Sarah Marquart

5. Subsidized Internet and Income Methods Resources

For the other drug dealers who didn't DCS attack SFHG.

Melecia at Home

196 Videos
74,483 Subscribers
Single parents flex jobs, some jobs that require no experience
List of job web sites below video
Time index of subject talked about

155 Videos
58,763 Subscribers
Work @ home jobs, some require no experience
List of job web sites below video
Time index of subject talked about

Justin Bryant Videos
542 Videos
131,057 Subscribers
Video notes ate linked below video displayed

10 Free Apps that Will make Your Smartphone Pay for Itself
How to Make a Full-time Income from Free Smartphone Apps
Justin Bryant 13 Apps
Justin Bryant 1530
Justin Bryant 110656

6. Rent a Friend vs. Prostitution

Recommend patrons increase education, languages spoken, and/or skills. You want to be a valuable friend.

$50/hour. Up to $2,000 per week.

10 Weird Ways to make Extra Money on the Side in 2018
Justin Bryant
Rent a friend is item #1 at 32 seconds.

7. Useful DCS Tools and Attacks

Antiterrorism Club

Build a cookie on the terrorist
Show new bomb
Show next bomb

Slip Drugs Attack - SFPD Version
X-ray Drugs Attack -  FBI Version

DCS Holographic List Attack vs. Terrorist in a crowd
Automatic Security (List Attack)

Twitter Attacks

Antiterrorism Cookie
Google Map Location Arrow

Converting a terrorist or Helping a lot of People

DCS Holographic video on a Skyscraper
Cashmojis: $M, $B, $T, The Mint

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Climate Change Solution + 7 More Water Devices (July 2017)

Economy methods fans! Scroll down to GALLERY for the climate change solutions and additional 7 water devices.

SFHG:  EMF Device Hoax Alert!

This time some idiot phoned KGO810AM, hopefully not UP to 30 again, and said I have an EMF device! It's a hoax! Intel: Always ask for DETAILS! I hope it was not my Virus Chip vs. Hackers idea that sparked it! A responding Russian Spy FSB didn't like it and DCS attacked me. Lucky my 71 super economy methods were worth more than the virus chip!

Here's why it's a hoax:
  • My previous blog post on helping Israel and Palestinian Territories/State mentions Antiterrorism Club a few times.
  • Poverty! EMF device cost a lot! I'm not funded!
  • I thought an EMF device was machinery in a suitcase with a button when pressed shuts down lights.
  • Garfield in a frock with Sailor Moon's wand blacking out 1/2 the USA is obviously not real! Images of a gun don't work on drug dealers, f-worders and mean people (who don't use f-word holograms but just have to get in their stupid 2 cents after a DCS attack!)
  • The dumbest drug dealers decided to never stop attacking me after I boycotted their drugs (via DCS hologram) for attacking the public.
  • Ordinary people failed to report DCS attacks for 20+ years!
  • Getting the public to tweet DCS attack complaints (#sfpd, #NSA) works if you add a joke!
Sailor Moon's wand may have scared you if you didn't instantly realize that it's not real! Sometimes I underscore the frock, Garfield and wand to emphasize the fakeness!

Fire the first responders who believe the moon wand or whatever it represents is real! Next let go the people who believe pin bombs, which I never hologram, are real!

I'm fighting the dumbest drug dealers without weapons!

Antidrug Attack Holograms:

  • Blockchan vs. Drugs
  • Black Box (camcorders) + Solar Security for cars
  • Smartphone + up arrow: swipe up for camcorder
  • Keychain camcorder
  • vs. drugs: DCS attack that reveals drug hiding place as a DCS hologram
  • Afghans grow medicine! You need water devices and maybe Liquid NanoClay. Holistic Planning and Grazing help.
Balance: Drug Income Replacement Holograms

Remember! For the average drug dealer, drug profits aren't worth that much in profits. Can't sell when you're sick, there's inclement weather or family problems. You need lots of passive, not active income.

Where to get passive income:

Justin Bryant Income Videos. He has 409 videos as of this writing.

You need internet for this to work. Otherwise, you'll have to find a job the hard-, traditional way or through your city web site's jobs & training links!

YouTube Search Box Options:

  • Justin Bryant No Work
  • Justin Bryant PayPal
  • Justin Bryant College
  • Justin Bryant 14 free music
  • Justin Bryant 8 - 8 Work at Home Jobs That Won't be Replaced by Tech
  • Justin Bryant Amazon or Facebook
Goal is full broadband internet with smartphone and "optional" audio/video equipment for YouTube-, podcast-, WordPress Blog Star or items sometimes repeated in Justin Bryant's Income Videos:
  • Udemy,Teachable or Skillshare for teaching: I recommend Udemy. (Caveat: large discounts)
  • fiverr, Upwork (for professionals), (for freelancers) and for P/T or F/T.
Will improve the above resources for passive income.


1. Climate Change Solution YouTube Videos:

  • Seth Itzkan
  • Joel Salatin
  • Allan Savory
  • Sheldon Frith
  • Tony Lovell
In order of difficulty, climate change solutions from TEDxTalks.

Increase biodiversity: Herds and livestock, etc. Implement Holistic Planning and Planned Grazing over 5 continents for healthy grasslands which sequester carbon from the atmosphere and store it in 1/2 the grasslands. This has a cooling and positive effect on the weather and long-term climate.

The above is for 2013.  It's now 2017.

Biochar and Liquid NanoClay can help!

Drone seed-bombing is new!

Reversing global warming with livestock?: Seth Itzkan at TEDxSomerville
Published on May 24, 2012
L 7:53

  • If you are busy, have little time, Seth Itzkan will give you an easy to understand overview.
  • at 4 minutes: Chart of Root System of Prairie Plants
  • at 5:05 minutes: Chart of Animals, Grass and Soil Cycle
Cows, Carbon and Climate|Joel Salatin at TEDxCharlottesville
Published January 14,2016
L 17:05

  • at 11:15 minutes: The data points that inpugn the lowly cow as the destroyer of planet have the wrong object to have a problem with.
  • at 15:05 minutes: animals access only a tiny spot each day and create a mosaic pattern...we've got moles and voles, bird nesting sites, continuous mosaic of polination
How to green the world's deserts and reverse climate change|Allan Savory, TEDxTalks
Published March 4, 2013
L 22:20

  • Allan Savory simplifies Holistic Management and Planned Grazing Solution for Climate Change
  • at 14:30 minutes: Holistic Planned Grazing
  • at 15:56 minutes: increase cattle and goats by 400%
  • at 19:42 minutes: Climate Change Solution described
Response to Mic. The Vegan Allan Savory Lies (also a part 2), Sheldon Frith, Published February 26, 2016
Part 1: L 13:58
Part 2: L 6:07
  • Helps to clarify Allan Savory's How to green the world deserts and reverse climate change
  • Debunks Mic. The Vegan's 2 videos
Soil Carbon--Putting carbon back where it belongs--In the Earth
Tony Lovell at TEDxDubbo
Published September 10, 2011

L 20:46
  • at 19:05 minutes: It's the ecology, stupid! list
  • at 19:11 minutes: Hierarchy of Ecosystem Functionality Chart
Reduce biodiversity leads to negative changes in weather. Long-term: negative changes in climate.

Increase biodiversity leads to positive changes in weather. Long-term: positive changes in climate.

Biochar: The Oldest New Thing You've Never Heard Of: Wae Nelson at TEDxOrlando
Published November 11, 2012

L 9:47
  • Biochar is affordable and makes soil fertile
  • at 7:33 minutes: Biochar is carbon negative vs. neutral or reduces carbon footprint
iiSC Bangalore Scientist are experimenting with drone seed-bombing, and hope to plant a forest
Abundance Insider June 23 Edition, 6/23/17, spotted by Gaetan Soltesz, written by Sydney Fulkerson, links to, June 14, 2017, Sriram Sharma

2. Additional 7 water devices

For India, Israel & Palestinian Territories/State.

SFHG: Thanks to Sathya Sai Baba for solving 2 helluv difficult long-term problems for me! In return, I'll help India, starting with 15 water devices and associated technologies.

Note: SFHG's United Nations' World Peace App idea has a secret key. It's funded by water devices. Other funding sources are possible of course.

Economy Methods Notes January 2016, Gallery Item 1: Helping the other drug dealers contains 8 water devices + 2 associated technologies. Located in the Blog Archive 2015 link, 
indexed in the upper right corner of this blog.

Keep developing water technologies until fabrication or production of water in outer space is possible!

Device Pulls Water From Dry Air, Powered Only By The Sun
Abundance Insider, April 27 Edition; Spotted by Aryadeep S. Acharya; Written by Sydney Fulkerson; 4/27/2017

Links to; Posted April 13, 2017; Source: by Robert Sanders, University of California

Graphene-Based Sieve Turns Seawater Into Drinking Water
Abundance Insider, April 7 Edition; Spotted by Khalid Salih and Rowan Duys; Written by Sydney Fulkerson; 3 April 2017

Links to; BBC News; By Paul Rincon, Science Editor, BBC News website

This Ultra Cheap Material Uses Sunlight to Purify Drinking Water
Abundance Insider, February 10 Edition; Spotted by Aryadeep S. Acharya; Written by Sydney Fulkerson; 2/10/2017

Links to; by Adele Peters; 1.31.17

Graphene "Biofoam" Makes Filthy Water Drinkable
Abundance Insider, August 5 Edition; Spotted by Aryadeep S. Acharya; 8/5/2016

Links to; Posted by Erika Ebsworth-Goold-WUSTL; July 27, 2016

Scientist Make Seawater Drinkable, Produce 6.3 Million Liters a Day
Abundance Insider, May 6 Edition; Spotted by Marissa Brassfield; 5/6/2016

Links to; Written by Pallava Bagla; Updated May 06, 2016

Purify Water by Shaking Out Nanomaterials
Abundance Insider, December 18 Edition; Spotted by Marissa Brassfield; 12/18/2015

Links to
Shaking out the nanomaterials: a new method to purify water; December 10, 2015

StarStream Gives Tap Water Ultrasonic Cleaning Power
Abundance Insider, November 27 Edition; Spotted by Marissa Brassfield; 11/27/2015

Links to
By Infusing H2O with Ultrasonic Bubbles, StarStream Gives Tap Water Incredible Cleaning Power
By Chloe Olewitz; Posted November 17, 2015

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Helping Israel and the Palestinian State/Territories June 2017

Economy methods fans! Skip SFHG's status update below and scroll down to Gallery to help Israelis, Palestinians and read about his latest discoveries.

SFHG Status:

I can't remember if it was after midnight this time!

The doofus drug dealers across the street can't speak about my gigantic boycott drugs DCS holograms or talk to each other, but can DCS attack, phone the police and UP to 30 KGO810AM and of course f-word me!

I'm not sure which one of these dumbest drug dealers phone the police with helluv edited version of DCS holographic Garfield in a frock using Sailor Moon's Wand to move the moon toward the Earth, moon sprouting arms and hitting CA for excessive f-words.

The drug dealers skipped saying frock, Garfield, moon wand and used the word BOMB instead which means they helluv lied and mouthed a hoax!

The first responder across the street skipped frock, Garfield but did mention moon wand and threatening them with an act of terrorism:  moon socking CA!

I'm wondering what both the drug dealers and the first responder are smoking!  I can't believe they actually even thought any of it was real at all! A journalist who goes to the cafe down the street said they're dumb.


SFHG has about 69 super economy methods of 80+.  Example of a regular economy or financial method:  Intervivos Revocable Living Trust which he heard about from Len Tillem many years ago.

1.  Israel's Great Smart Wall

Using an 8th wonder of the world to reduce or stop a great war and profit both sides.

The Smart Drone Wall blocks Qassam Rockets and has ambassador functions.

Palestinian woman has a Smart Wall App which she downloaded via drone that she got her free phone & tablet from.

Smart Drone Wall Video examples:

  • General advertisements
  • Intro to Smart Wall
  • Nanci Danison on YouTube - NDE, came back with % of G-d's memory
  • Untwist Islam in 30 Seconds - various styles of educating people because everyone has different sets of information
  • What to do about settlements - Helpful drone delivery business in Abbas' territory of course. Post banner:  Israeli flag + .biz + Palestinian flag + bitcoin or ether(eum) for you banner.  

Click on Smart Wall App > .biz-, forum-, Antiterrorism Club- and fund me buttons show up:

  • .biz - sells water devices & aeroponics technology
  • forum - click your flag, state your problem or solution, get responses
  • Antiterrorism Club - club video + 4 button security solution: fund, complaints, stop funding and talented (present box with apartment & car keys, caduceus, etc. pops up)
  • Fund Me - The start up cost of 1 fighter jet isn't designed to fund everyone, so use GoFundMe or carefully choose other crowdfunding site + upgrade to 4 button security solution + World funding button (.com, .gov, org) to a mosque or church for smartphones, tablets for uploading content (music, advice, classes, discoveries, etc.)
Drones stop rockets, ambassador function starts up businesses to support the Smart Drone Wall Market Place and increase antiterrorism activities, including options vs. poverty.

2.  Palestinian Billboard

Click on your flag > select a grand challenge on listed on billboard > type in your answer > submit button.

Wait 1 month for your star rating and collect prize in bitcoins or ether(eum) button to light up.

3.  Yozma

Israel's incubation of business and technology start-ups economy method!
  1.  You start a tech co. by investing $N. Israeli government invest a  large % x $N.

     If successful, you can repay the government principal + interest buy  your company back.

     If not successful, government will swallow the loss and replace the  lost money via next taxes.

  2.  Profitable immigration model:

     Immigrants may have business, income and tech connections with  the country they  emigrated from. They're also more entrepreneurial  and may have skills to adapt and  build wealth with.

  3.  Business and tech cos fuse with Universities to educate the  workforce and continue  R&D that they will need.
Sources of financing:

Athena Venture Partners: 1985, Israel's First Venture Capital Fund investing in risky stage tech companies where commercial organizations adverse

OSC-Office of the Chief Scientist Matching Grants, BIRD-Binational Industrial R&D, Tech Incubators, 1993 Government Investment Company Yozma 1-1/2 to 1 Match, Seed Funds 1 to 1 Match.

Benjamin Netanyahu Reforms:  phasing out government bonds to push cash elsewhere, allow performance fees, military algorithms to model macroeconomic trends.

YouTube references:

visualpolitik en israel startup
How Did ISRAEL Become The Country of START-UPS?
Visual Politik EN
May 1, 2017

10 Yozma
Kenneth Hanson
Published 2015

Israel's startup success story
January 22, 2015

4.  Improve Aeroponics a Little More

This is for feeding the world and changing negative images.

5.  Israel Feeds Africa (Muslims)

Use aeroponics.

This will create for Israel tons of goodwill among Muslims vs. plain old hatred.

It's evil that does not belong in the middle east, not the Jews.

6.  The Shelter and Indiegogo

Buy internet and equipment for the shelter.

Upload client advice, classes, discoveries, music, etc. via shelter app and web site.

7.  FBI!  Ask E.T.s for their most powerful economy methods!

Use a % of the profits to fund WHITE OPS and defund BLACK OPS.

8.  Justin  Bryant's Income Videos on YouTube

Justin Bryant's adding about 1 income video per day and has 385 as of this writing.

Go to his videos if you speak English and need income.

Samples to type in YouTube's Search Box:

  • 14 free music
  • 8 work from home job sites
  • Justin Bryant 8 - 8 work at home jobs that won't be replaced by tech, 8 apps that pay you PayPal money for free in 2017
  • Justin Bryant Amazon
  • Justin Bryant Facebook
  • Justin Bryant without working
  • Justin Bryant college

SFHG:  Am really busy this summer.  Will edit whenever possible! Thanks for using Twitter Bombs to help me fend off super dumb drug DCS attackers.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Economy Methods for the President (October 2016)

Economy methods fans! Scroll down to the gallery area below.

2 fricken AM and 24 hour- or automatic attacks!  The dumbest drug dealers and f-worders are coming within 1/2 a block of my apartment and beaming f-words, UZI, walking target and just plain mean things holograms. I'm feeding them crap info. on weather control to fend them off. The idiots who patronize the cafe down the street phoned KGO810AM Up to 30 trying to get me arrested for opposing drugs.

Previously the complaint was for NOVA Star Safety Field (which is a force field) and TOS Star Trek Planet Killer with Garfield or Angry Bird with radar dish which some crazy woman and "former" drug dealers deliberately changed into NOVA Star Bomb and KGO listeners thought was a Planet Killer Suitcase Bomb, respectively. Both are obviously not possible because they're sci-fi. I never use the word bomb! It's irresponsible. Handling the problem sucked up 2 weeks! I do important work.

The drug dealers fooling Ronn Owens was not very nice! The audacity to phone any KGO810AM program for their drugs!

I'm tired of seeing drug support- and that lie hologram, "I don't believe in psychic powers." Do not give a psychic induction to criminals!  Make sure they don't cause trouble and do benefit society! Prerequisite: Ask how they are going to benefit society first!

No mention of me mostly using Garfield, pie cannons and boycott drugs holograms to defend myself from Dream Chemical Spray Attacks which the public calls psychic powers.

The local massive drug boycott via DCS holograms must be impacting their bottom line. I try to target the DCS attackers as much as possible. I help the majority of drug dealers with economy and financial methods. There's just a small percentage of dumb drug dealers.

I'm still having trouble with anybody-customer, 1 employee (not the chef who is very nice) former drug dealer from the cafe down the street DCS attacking me for 8 of 21 years. Not sure who it is.

Restaurants in the North Beach and Chinatown area kept up DCS attacks until 2005, got me into an argument and fight with my aunt for yelling at them which landed me in jail for 17 months.  They're freaking out now because I'm back boycotting their drugs and exposing their DCS abuse.

No response to my Supervisor Scott Wiener and ABC7 Broadcast Center letters.


Helping yet another POTUS and the World!

1.  Closing the Gates of Hell for 1000 years Technical Method

Actually reader requested!

ETF Ingredients:

  • 7+ water devices from blog post below this one: Economy Methods Notes January 2016
  • Liquid NanoClay for crop yield of up to 4x or CropBox and similar companies (1)
  • Sell some of the crops for Universal Healthcare
  • Oil & Gas:  Reverse Photosynthesis
  • Power source for the millenium:
    Liquid Flouride Thorium Reactor (LFTR) or similar low-trouble reactor;
    Fusion Reactor:  Check out Taylor Wilson on YouTube using a fusor (Wikipedia) for this one
  • Automation, drones and robots
Actually more than 1000 years if asteroids are mined or dig deeper.

Government investment in an ETF of the above for the poor, middle class and the rich. Tremendous increase in free social services so we can all move on to better lives and new inventions.

Suffering from disease, starvation, thirst and resource wars is reduced causing the Gates of Hell to close!

(1) 10 Companies Feeding the Urban Farming Boom by Lauren Hepler; Friday, September 11, 2015; 2:32 AM; GreenBiz

2.  Democrat World E-tip

From a democrat economy methods fan who visits the cafe down the street.

Buy something on Amazon or other participating biz. At check out click the E-tip box. Select amount to donate. Click Details:  Exponential tech companies crowdfund and ETF. An exponential tech company has at least 1 utility patent for creating helluv jobs, tax base and unlimited funding for the free world.

If you want to weight the ETF or invest on your own, ask Google to register all exponential tech companies for crowdfund and stockfund buttons user interface.  I'm sure Singularity University could help locate most exponential tech companies.

3.  GOP Gentrification Soulution

From a Republican economy methods fan who visits the cafe down the street.

Use Reverse Photosyntheisis to build a supply of oil and gas.  Sell some of the oil and gas to fund housing construction and services.

4.  World Currency Support

Surplus Ingredients:

  • Reverse Photosynthesis:  Oil and gas
  • Liquid NanoClay & CropBox:  up to 4x the crops
  • Water devices
  • Automation,drones and robots
Accumulate and store each for your new gold standard.

Ask citizens to contribute or invent something to make the world a better place.

Gains are greater than the laziness and social problems.

5.  CO2 Dissociation Technology

You want David G. Yurth of the Nova Institute of the Technology for his low cost, energy efficient and light weight device that eliminates all exhaust fumes, not just CO2:

Corona Discharge Gas Plasma Dissociation System (TM)

Good for Big Rigs and factories!

Coast to Coast AM:  Sunday, July 17, 2016
YouTube:  Breakthrough CO2 Technology,  November 15, 2015 with David Yurth

5a.  CO2 into Ethanol

Process will remove CO2 from atmosphere, but exhaust fumes from ethanol combustion go back into the air. That being said, the process is cheap, efficient, and scalable, meaning it could remove large amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Abundance Insider: October 28 Edition, Spotted by Daniel Trakell, Kane Kennon, Jamie McLellan. Written by Sydney Fulkerson.

Scientist Accidentally Discover Efficient Process to Turn CO2 into Ethanol by Avery Thompson, October 17, 2016. Oakridge National Laboratory in Tennessee.

Using Devil's Milk to Kill Superbugs. SciShow on YouTube, October 28,2016. See 2nd half of video.

6.  Coast2CoastRx

Discount on healthcare, prescriptions and veterinary services.

Upper right hand corner>Click on Click Here for your Free Card>Your state>County, City or Township>Your county, city or town.

Follow simple instructions to get your city, county or town to join if not Coast2CoastRx member.

Enter full name and 10-digit phone or any 10 digit number>Submit

Print out your card.

ABC7NEWS: Coast2CoastRx. Are prescription drugs cheaper to buy without health insurance? by Michael Finney. July 21, 2016.

Above material not covered by ABC7NEWS' Michael Finney.

7.  Manuka Honey

For MRSA, antibiotic resistant bacteria in wounds.  Get at least UMF 10+ or MGO for medicinal effects and more medical information before buying. A reader recommended UMF 15+. We're not doctors.

Note:  saha-CATH5 in Tasmanian Devil's milk may also wipe out MRSA and VREF.

Use a banana peel to remove warts? Surprising home remedies. abc 15 Arizona YouTube video was a bit dated. Video is 5 minutes 44 seconds. Updated the info on the recommended book:

Natural Health Remedies, UPDATED and EXPANDED, Your A-Z Blueprint for Vibrant Health by Janet Macarro.

Using Devil's Milk to Kill Superbugs. SciShow on YouTube, October 28,2016.

8.  Do these work?

YouTube:  AIDS Cure, video. HIV AIDS cure by Tulsa Dr. Gary Davis at Ivory Coast. Inject goat with HIV, antibodies produced.  Dr. Davis injected patients with his serum, They all recovered.  No sure if permanent.

Fear of Mercury from injections:  Baking soda (not baking powder) in water detox

Cancer:  Baking soda and molasses or organic maple syrup

Not sure if the above work and under what conditions.  Ask for R&D.

9.  College and Job Resources on YouTube

Marty Nemko Videos:

Cool Careers for Dummies

  • What Colleges and Graduate Schools Don't Want You to Know
  • Meaning of Life...The life well led

Matt Tran Videos or Engineered Truth:

New Grad Job Hacks:  The Complete Guide to Getting a Job After you Finish College

  • The best and worst majors


William MacAskill, TEDxCambridgeUniversity

  • Don't Work for a Charity

Google: 7 On Your Side college
  • Consumer Reports Explores Options for Paying for College by Michael Finney; Tuesday, April 26, 2016

  • Go to College for Free by Manual Fabriquer (1)
  • Go to College Almost for Free by Ben Kaplan (2)

You can always Google: go to college for free.

(1) 7 On Your Side Examines Student Debt Forgiveness Programs by Michael Finney;  Monday, September 05, 2016.


Sunday, December 20, 2015

Economy Methods Notes January 2016

SFHG:  I hear Supervisor Scott Wiener is hurrying legislation for dream chemical spray attacks.  5 symptoms:  flu, cold, confusion, loss of energy and itching mostly. Moved 4x. Solution is $50 to $100 citation for the dumbest drug dealers.  The f-worders are helluv irritating.  To fend off the dumbest drug dealers and f-worders, I'm lying about having weapons. DCS is like 1/20 mace.

3 antiterrorism/peace apps and Google Startups or Pages are below, starting with gallery item #2.  You'll have to do a little digging into my Economy Notes- and Anti-Poverty Sheets blog posts to find all items in list below:

  • U.N. World Peace App
  • ISIL Changer
  • Facebook Can of Worms App
  • Google Startups or Pages
  • Liquid NanoClay from Desert Control, a Norwegian Startup
  • Reverse Photosynthesis from University of Copenhagen for ending oil wars
Thanks to everyone, all the way up to President Obama, who are concerned about me and to the majority of drug dealers who blasted the minority of corrupt drug dealers with dream chemical spray:
  • Venti- and Grande Term-Life Policies for the Other Drug Dealers Methods is gallery item #7.
Prize-Winning Tech Turns Deserts Into Farmland; Liquid NanoClay from Desert Control, a Norwegian startup; Abundance Insider January 29, 2016 Edition, spotted by Paul Heiss

Liquid NanoClay description from, product link, Prize-Winning Tech Turns Deserts Into Farmland; Liquid NanoClay from Desert Control, a Norwegian startup; Abundance Insider January 29, 2016 Edition, spotted by Paul Heiss

Reverse Photosynthesis:  Energy Source of the Future?;  Abundance Insider:  April 15, 2016 Edition, spotted by Jens Krabbe

'Reverse Photosynthesis' promises to be the energy source of the future;, April 4,2016 by Paul Hamaker


1. Helping the other drug dealers

This entry assist drug dealers who didn't attack SFHG with dream chemical spray.

Lightbulb on envelope!  Words unlimited funding below .org address.


List of 7 water devices + 3D rectenna power source

  • Liquid NanoClay:  sandy desert soil into fertile arable land
  • Dean Kamen's Slingshot Water Purifier
  • WaterFX's Aqua4
  • UC Berkeley's Seafloor Carpet
  • EcoVolt
  • F CUBED Carocell & ZLD technologies
  • water electroshock desalination
  • water nanopores
  • SimpleWater's ECAR System
  • 3D rectenna power source
$1 > bottle of water with label of word "devices" + invest > $Unlimited
Scale with cash bag + bottle of water on left and package of "drugs" on right
House with word BOOM on back (housing boom)
Manufacturing + Magnet
Cornucopia with Central Valley! Viva! on back
Picket fence with Border Problem/Opportunity on back

The goal is an $1 billion or advanced water devices bill, mutual fund, ETF, water bond via Amazon.

SFHG:  I hear India plans to sell securities via Amazon and other venues. Get on the legislation bandwagon now!  Probably picked up the Amazon idea via my super nice network and this blog (Economy Super Methods Notes 2015, gallery item #1, Amazon Investments App).

Get the art supplies out!  Start mailing!  Save California and the World!

Advanced Water Devices and Facilities Sources:

Prize-Winning Tech Turns Deserts Into Farmland; Liquid NanoClay from Desert Control, a Norwegian startup; Abundance Insider January 29, 2016 Edition, spotted by Paul Heiss

Google:  10 Companies Making Big Waves in Water Innovation | GreenBiz

Abundance the  Book by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler for Dean Kamen's Slingshot Water Purifier

ABC7NEWS for UC Berkeley's Seafloor Carpet and SimpleWater's ECAR System
USA Today for WaterFX's Aqua4 Technology

Franca Sozzani on Water for F CUBED Carocell & ZLD technologies

Solar Cells Will be Made Obsolete by 3D Rectenna.  Peter Diamandis' 10/2/15 blog post, Abundance Insider: October 2 Edition, Spotted by Marissa Brassfield.
Google: water electroshock desalination.  This Filter-Free Water Desalination Relies on Electrical Shockwaves.  Peter Diamandis' 11/27/15 blog post, Abundance Insider:  November 27 Edition, Spotted by Marissa Brassfield.
Google:  water nanopores.  University of Illinois possible low-cost, efficient way to purify seawater, better solution to energy usage and fouling problems with desalination.  Peter Diamandis' 11/20/15 blog post, Abundance Insider Nov. 20 Edition, Nanopores Simplify and Supercharge Desalination. Spotted by Greg O'Brien.

Scientist develop 'nanopores' that inexpensively filter the salt out of seawater by Peter Dockrill.

2. Facebook Can of Worms App

This is 1 of 3 international problem solving apps. The other 2 are U.N. World Peace App and ISIL changer.  1 of the Can of Worms App's capabilities is bulletproofing Moderate Muslims.


Click on Facebook Can of Worms App icon.

Click Financial- or Emotional Problems or both. (Add your own categories.)

Set privacy setting:  Low, medium or high

Textbox:  Describe your cash and/or emotional problem.

Seperate submit and get reviews buttons.

After clicking submit,  come back 1 month later and click on get reviews button.

Get Reviews:

Teddy bear, Class: Avatar, 5 stars, big system answer

(Clicking on the Teddy bear will bring you to the individuals qualifications & experience page:  awards won, job application safely and seperate donate and fee buttons.)

Sharky, Professional, 2 stars, web site suggestion

Hamid, Professional, 4 stars:  family resources vs. big oil; unlimited funding via water devices + investments; Moderate Muslim; permanent antiterrorism advice.

Hamid has his own security settings for bulletproofing.

3. Preventing drone collisions

Due to massive complaints about drones, add safety chips to all drones and planes.

4. The $1 Economy

May this economy method help India smash poverty, Israel and Palestinian State or -Territories build (upwards vs. outwards) infrastructure for peace.

Amazon & other venues sell securities + crowdfund of survival.

$1 investment button for utility patents and crowdfund of survival, so people can access the $1 Economy easily.

So, Exponential Technology Penny Stock Fund or -ETF.

(SFHG's network says you can add to the revenue generated by blending and diversifying.)

$1 = Helluv dollars in profits down the line when the new industry blossoms.

Modify & Mail:  Government officials!  Create a bill for Amazon & other venues allowing them to sell securities for poverty smashing, peace enhancing effect!  Remember to invest in Exponential Technologies for Total Employment and Total Freedom for your peoples. Maybe they'll spend their time in R&D after a 30 second "anti-laziness" video.

5.  Recipe for Tremendous Increase in Jail Programs & Victim's Bundles


7 water devices (from #1 above)
Farm produce
Juices & other foods
Food Bank 2 (sales via app)


Use water from 7 water devices (from #1 above) to revitalize central valley. Significant proceeds to Food Bank 2 and for tremendous increase in jail programs and victim's bundles.

Reduces crime & violence.  Mirror this recipe in the community.

Additional Ideas:

Expand Vita Water with juices and food items to create a future market (Economy Method vs. War).  Saw Vita Water's mission on ABC7NEWS.

Sell via Amazon:  $1 Utility Patents & Other Innovations penny stock for your future technology.

% to term-life policies for inmates & victims, RIAs.

3D YouTube College & Labs funded by selling 2D videos.

Local Talk, Read & Sing (STEM) babysitting facility.

Designer Purposes in Life web site.  5 minute "anti-laziness" videos included.

CYA juices, smoothies and foods.

6.  Chip & Lock All Guns

Apology to SF Sheriff's Dept. for gigantic argument.  A former drug dealer was using automatic lie or -answer holograms which fooled me. Also, some idiot phoned in NOVA Star "Bomb" + SFHG instead of NOVA Star Safety Field (too difficult, so I trashed yet another idea) on the Ronn Owens Program which sucked up a week of my time while I tried to figure out what was going on and rectify things.  The holograms of powerful weapons I use to fend off the dumbest drug dealers and f-worders are 3 types:  magical, sci-fi and Sailor Moon (aka not real).  Holograms of conventional weapons will not work on f-worders. Garfield, Peanuts and pie cannons are what I use a majority of the time.  I never use the word bomb.  It's irresponsible.  Thanks to everyone who helped me!  1/28/16.

Gift to Sheriff's Dept.:  Chip & Lock All Guns.  On a laptop, pull up all guns in selected location.  Click on specific gun to pull its ID and data, then click on lock or unlock button.

7.  Venti Term-Life Policy for the Other Drug Dealers

This plan is for the drug dealers who didn't attack SFHG with dream chemical spray and who attacked or diverted the small percentage of corrupt or dumb drug dealers (who call SFHG a walking target).

The boycott is for attacking SFHG and others with dream chemical spray (cf. 1/20 mace) and forcing us to move, not for drugs.

Venti Term-Life Policy Recipe

Invest in water devices (from item #1 above):  Church & Mosque Asking Stage
Invest in Central Valley: Farm Stage (water devices for revitalization)
Invest in Tech:  Tech Stage (SFHG is a subscriber to Abundance Insider blog -- lots of new working technologies to cherry pick)

Small % of proceeds to Venti Term-Life Policy for Drug Dealers.  There's only so many drug dealers.

Note:  There's already a "Grande" Term-Life Policy Method below (Autumn Economy Notes 2015, item #3, Affording a term-life policy in the Bay Area) and is repeated here as a recipe for your convience.

Grande Term-Life Policy Recipe

Safeway- & Walgreens Cards and Coupons
AT&T- and PG&E Lifeline Programs
Smartphone to Cell Phone change over
Shop at 99 cent stores.

There's also water department discount but it's inconvient and may not apply to renters.

Savings to Grande Term-Life Policy.

8.  Additional Tax on Alcohol

Additional tax to liquor!  Investment to Google cars!  Jobs created!

9.  Untwist Islam on YouTube

Added word REFORM on holographic filmstrip to instructions. Not intended to create a fatwa against the Taliban but to REFORM Taliban with Islam. You want allies and friends, not someone to fight with.

30 seconds on YouTube:

Untwist Islam title appears!

State the problem or error.

State how Allah or G-d would handle it fairly.  Explain ayahs (verses) and suras (chapters).

A half sheet is also good for this purpose.  Recommend adding a water device, food source and medical service location on back + "We care about you!"

10.  Anti-stabbing Video

30 seconds video

No knife sign appears

Your new future

  • Liquid NanoClay
  • 7+ water devices (from #1 above)
  • Google Startups or Pages
With Israeli help and votes (Israeli flag appears)

Smartphone appears with 3 buttons

  • Fund (liberals, moderates, Moderate Muslims)
  • Complaints
  • Stop Funding
To make it less expensive for Arabs and Israelis, enter amount affordable and click on Arab Fund or U.N. Fund buttons.

What to sell?

Saffron, Xango?  Cornucopia?  Plenty of water and arable land!

Palestinian flag appears + future.

No knife sign appears.

11.  CO2- and Pollution Reducing Devices
SFHG's small collection of Abundance Insider's CO2- and pollution reducing devices as of 4/29/16.
  • Project Kaalink:  Cleaning the environment by converting air pollution to printer ink
  • Solar Panel Produces Hydrogen Gas:  "Hydrogen gas can also reduce CO2 on a large scale and convert it into useful substances."
  • Reverse Photosynthesis:  reduces CO2 output for petroleum products production
  • Liquid NanoClay:  lowers surface temperature around 15 degrees celsius and reduces CO2 emissions by 15 to 25 tons per hectare
  • Carbon Capturing Motors:  may reduce CO2 levels in oceans
  • Solar Thermal Electrochemical Photo (STEP) Carbon Capture Process:  takes CO2 from the air and converts it to carbon nanofibers and oxygen
  • Smog Free Tower:  converts smog into gemstones
  • Liquid Hydrocarbon Fuel One-Step Process:  CO2 and water converted to hydrocarbon fuel using a combination of high-intensity light, concentrated heat and high pressure
  • Row-bot:  changes polluted water into CO2 and electricity
  • 3D Rectenna:  40% broadspectrum efficiency, 1/10 the cost of conventional solar cells, upper limit of 90% efficiency for single wavelength conversion
  • CREE:  $8 LED light bulb, last 27 years
  • SunPort:  power your gadget with solar power; purchases solar microcredits through non-profit reChoice which handles renewable energy credits and helps build new solar panels
  • Perovskite Solar Cells:  recoup their energy cost within 3 months but MORE R&D NEEDED ON DURABILITY, LIFESPAN AND PHOTOSTABILITY
Printer Ink From Pollution:  Abundance Insider April 29, 2016 Edition, spotted by Rajat Gupta
Solar Panel Produces Hydrogen Gas:  Abundance Insider April 22, 2016 Edition, spotted by Koen Lenssens
A bit of chemisrty on your roof:  solar panel produces hydrogen gas; April 18, 2016; KU Leuven University; Originally written for Campuskrant by IIse Federickx, translated by Katrien Bolen

Reverse Photosynthesis:  Energy Source of the Future?;  Abundance Insider:  April 15, 2016 Edition, spotted by Jens Krabbe
'Reverse Photosynthesis' promises to be the energy source of the future;, April 4, 2016 by Paul HamakerLiquid NanoClay description from, product link, Prize-Winning Tech Turns Deserts Into Farmland; Liquid NanoClay from Desert Control, a Norwegian startup; Abundance Insider January 29, 2016 Edition, spotted by Paul Heiss
These Self-Propelled Microscopic Carbon-Capturing May Reduce Carbon-Dioxide Levels in Oceans: Abundance Insider October 2, 2015 Edition spotted by Peter Diamandis
STEP Carbon Capture Process: Researchers Pluck Carbon From The Sky, Turn it into Diamonds spotted by Marissa Brassfield, Abundance Insider August 28, 2015 Edition
The Largest Air Purifier Ever Built Sucks Up Smog and Turns it Into 
Gemstones, Abundance Insider September 11,2015 Edition spotted by Marissa Brassfield
One-Step Process Turns Carbon Dioxide Into Clean Fuel and Oxygen, Abundance Insider February 26, 2016 Edition spotted by Gerry Wawzonek
Liquid hydrocarbon fuel created from CO2 and water in breakthrough one-step process by Colin Jeffrey, February 23, 2016,
This Swimming Robot is Powered by Pollution, Abundance Insider November 20, 2015 Edition spotted by Marissa Brassfield
Solar Cells Will be made Obsolete by 3D Rectenna Abundance Insider October 2, 2015 Edition spotted by Marissa brassfield
Solar Cells Will be Made Obsolete by 3D Rectennas aiming at 40-to-90% Efficiency, September 29, 2015,
Cree Introduces New $8 LED Light Bulb That Last 27 Years, Abundance Insider, September 25, 2015 Edition spotted by Marissa Brassfield
This Outlet Adapter Lets You Run All Your Gadgets On Solar Power, Abundance Insider July 31, 2015 Edition spotted by Marissa Brassfield
Study Claims Perovskite Solar Cells Can Recoup Their Energy Cost Within 3 Months, Abundance Insider August 7, 2015 spotted by Tom Strom-Wedege
Thin film perovskite solar cell passes the efficiency test,
 by Matthew Gunther,, October 29, 2015

Monday, September 14, 2015

Autumn Economy Notes 2015

SFHG update:  Hopefully, Supervisor Scott Wiener and, according to SFHG's network, Mayor Ed Lee know about SFHG now.  Still waiting for the $50 to $100 citation for handling dream chemical spray attacks.

Thanks, Tim Cook and Apple!  "The future of TV is apps."

Check out SFHG's economy apps below.

Modify & mail to make them a reality!


1.  Dream Jobs vs. Iranian GOVT 4 ISIL
Click on the ISIL changer app.  30 second YouTube video that changes ISIL members pops up.

Left:  Imam:  How to change ISIL and get your family member back.
Floating labels on big cash bag: Grassroots + giant up arrow (for tremendous increase) transitioning to Gifted Moderate Muslims.

Middle:  Potential ISIL member with machine gun and his wallet held out.

Right:  Floating words Iranian GOVT with vacuum cleaner sucking in entire wallet.

(We'll get to handling complex issues in a moment.)

ISIL member walks to the left.  Imam opens cash bag revealing giant water bottle with number 5 label and clock or giant watch gears representing 5 water devices.

ISIL member rips off mask and dumps machine gun in recycle bin.  Imam hands him bottle of water and lots of cash.

Tremendous increase in grassroots (coalition) replaces military action by Iranian GOVT. ISIL member keeps his money and profits via (water) grassroots opportunities with Moderate Muslims and the state.

Huge expansion in grassroots and innovative investments via unlimited water device profits = lots of (skyrocketing) dream jobs (vs. regular dead end jobs).

2.   Starbucks' 10 cents for Geniuses

Inexpensive and fun way to help your nation.  Charge an extra 10 cents per cup of coffee.

Proceeds go to choices of apartments, car, medical insurance, term-life (mostly) policy, special needs trust, etc.

The associated Starbucks' Puzzle site ask can you improve the economy? Examples 1 & 2 are trillion dollar inspirations to the entrant.  Text box with submit and get paid button are below.

3.  Affording a term-life policy (in the Bay Area)
Safeway and Walgreens cards and coupons, PG&E-, AT&T lifeline and water company discount programs.  Consider going to the 99 cents store and a smartphone to cell phone change to save even more money.

Sign up and use money saved to pay for term-life (mostly) policy.

Consider paying an advisor or broker to save money and time in the long-term.

4.  TV Economy Apps introduction, (home, business, school, military, etc), DrugSmart, ISIL changer.

5.  Imam & Pope vs. Job Monster
Cartoon strip or YouTube video.

Job monster wreaks havoc on civilization!

Imam & Pope team up to confront job monster.

Imam reads list of 6 water devices:  Dean Kamen's Slingshot Water Purifier, Water FX's Aqua4,  UC Berkeley's Seafloor Carpet,  SimpleWater's ECAR System, EcoVolt and F CUBED Carocell & ZLD technologies.

(Solar Cells Will be Made Obsolete by 3D Rectenna.  Peter Diamandis' 10/2/15 blog post, Abundance Insider: October 2 Edition, Spotted by Marissa Brassfield.

Google:  water nanopores.  University of Illinois possible low-cost, efficient way to purify seawater, better solution to energy usage and fouling problems with desalination.  Peter Diamandis' 11/20/15 blog post, Abundance Insider Nov. 20 Edition, Nanopores Simplify and Supercharge Desalination. Spotted by Greg O'Brien.  Scientist develop 'nanopores' that inexpensively filter the salt out of seawater by Peter Dockrill.  Improvement to technologies above.)

Job monster is doused by rain clouds.

His Holiness The Pope reads description of Google Startups or Pages:

Type in your city, state.  Google map of (new) businesses appear: A, B, C, etc.

Message bubble appears:  business logo, location, contact;  Total Hiring # and Products & Services, Dream Jobs # links.

Click on hiring #:  Easy, Moderate and Difficult pop up.  Job titles to left and # of available jobs to the right.

Job monster is hit by multiple lightning strikes and goes down!  Imam and Pope save a couple of billion people!

Advanced Water Devices and Facilities Sources:Google:  10 Companies Making Big Waves in Water Innovation | GreenBiz
Abundance the  Book by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler for Dean Kamen's Slingshot Water Purifier
ABC7NEWS for UC Berkeley's Seafloor Carpet SimpleWater's ECAR System
USA Today for WaterFX's Aqua4 Technology, 
Abundance the Book by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler for Dean Kamen's Slingshot Water Purifier, ABC7NEWS for UC Berkeley's Seafloor Carpet and SimpleWater's ECAR System, USA Today for WaterFX's Aqua4 Technology, Franca Sozzani on Water for F CUBED Carocell & ZLD technologies.

6.  Dream Job Access and Volume
Add a dream jobs link to the message bubble in Google Startups or -Pages:
  • Company logo + contact information
  • Hiring# or Total Jobs Available
  • Products & Services
  • Dream Jobs# or Total Dream Jobs Available
Use job data to create dream jobs volume chart.

Click on Google Map of Startups or businesses for city name entered to get message bubble.

7.  Method of getting all the laid off writers back to work

Blogger Evolution + Ads, buy and donate buttons.
Section A:  Write your sales pitch!
Section B:  Write your blog post!
Section C:  Advertising, refund policy.  Google gets an "eBay" tiered fee.
Section D:  Link buy and/or donate button to bank account or PayPal.
Section E:  Link to Google Analytics and Accounting.

Your optional sales pitch appears 1st + buy button or blog post + donate button followed by advertising.

Consider a download button for your art, lecture, music and podcast.