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Anti-Poverty Sheet 2


SFHG spent the last 19 years fighting dream chemical attacks from the dumbest drug dealers and has approximately 30 methods against them. Most overlap. 11 methods to help the dumb drug dealers did not stop them from attacking. The 12th method, a 3D printer almost worked, but technology was not advanced enough.  Drug dealers need something easy to sell or replace their drugs, a high demand product or service. That's what SFHG's drug replacement economic methods are for.

Most drug dealers are not SFHG's enemies because he helps economically and financially.

Actually speaking about information from dream chemical holograms would help.  Mail public officials about the fantastic information from dream chemical holograms and say we need a $100 citation or jail time for 24 hour attacks:  flu, cold, confusion, loss of energy and itching.  A tenant's non-attack agreement is good.  Unfortunately, a $20 fine for making reasons for not reporting dream chemical attacks is necessary.

Proof dream chemical holograms are real:  2 people can write or sketch the displayed information and match results.  Just pay them $50 each to participate.  Dream chemical holograms cannot be recorded via camera. Beware of automatic lie holograms (from drug dealers).  Always double check information.

Anti-Poverty Sheet 1 was getting too long, so Anti-Poverty Sheet 2 was started. Hope readers enjoy the economic methods gallery contained here.

#1  Google Startups idea

Click on the Google Startups icon.  Enter your city, state.  To the right, Google will display all startups in chosen city on Google Maps.  Left is company information and links:  company name and address, contact, Hiring #, Funding, Jobs and Products.

Click on Hiring # to pull up and update Job Capacity screen.  Easy, Moderate and Hard with a number by job title indicating available jobs. Date of update is below.  Click on job title for job description, education and training required.

How does Google get paid for Google Startups?  Advertisements on free- and premium accounts.

#2  My Network Map App

Get your SmartArt, charts and pictures ready for Your Profession - Your Professional Network - Your Attributes!  The idea is for the person you're doing business with to know you at a glance.


  • Network:  Media type, everyone in sight of TransAmerica Pyramid
  • Enemies:  Dumbest drug dealers
  • Attributes:   Good at creating economy methods (15 standard, 13 drug, 44 Anti-Poverty Methods total on Anti-Poverty Sheets 1&2)
  • Gifted?  300 peak I.Q. at will + above average I.Q.
  • Philanthropy?  Free and innovative ideas on economy, politics, some science and some religion.  Helped 100,000+ people via holograms. 
Contact Information (safely)
Other:  Notes you would like to add.

Do not add personal information unless necessary.

#3  The Big Help Button or App on Police Site

The Big Help Button or App on police site is for 2 major categories of financial help. Many crimes are due to lack of money, so why not discuss and try to solve it.

Click on Big Help Button.

Choose Best Ideas Gallery to take out huge money problems or choose Ordinary Financial Gallery for information you may not know about.  Innovative examples: Partially fund California by Asking Apple, YouTube or State of California to to sell our videos + gross margin tax; African Americans + Term-Life Policies (mostly) = Change in 1 Generation.

Click on Ordinary Financial Gallery.  Why is a revocable living trust important? Comparison of SSDI and SSI.  What is a Supplemental- or special needs trust?

Big question mark is for 24 hour live financial help.  Video & papers falling into hat is for a significant information contribution.  Coin falling into hat is for a donation.

Starting out:  try a dozen or so award winning financial videos.

#4  Asteroid Mining
Economy method 8.  Asteroid mining via drone from Planetary Resources.  A Cannae Drive and Crossbar Technology may help.

#5  Google:  Talk, Read, Sing
Economy method 9.   Google:  Talk, Read, your 1 to 3 year old.  If you talk, read and sing to your child correctly, vocabulary can increase to an average of 22,000 words which helps with job, career and therefore economy.  It's also a glass ceiling breaking method.

#6  Ambassador Drones Save Helluv Money!
Constructed with Crossbar Technology and Israeli Storedot battery, the U.N. Ambassador drone lands in Gaza.  A dime-thin monitor or unrolls or projection beams on to wall.  U.N. logos, Israeli and Palestinian flags appear, then Ambassador's image and voice pops up: Hotspot!  Wi-Fi antenna unfolds, map for food, water, medical aid and, of course, political solutions.
While everybody's eating and drinking, Ambassador advertises:  Download and and try out our U.N. World Peace- and Israeli-Palestinian Justice Apps.

Gazan:  We are against Zionism.
Ambassador's Staff:  General or Liberal Zionism offered you more rights than PLO and may do so again, if people vote on it.


Ambassador's Staff:  Do you have a solution for stopping rockets & the bombing or seeking justice for the 3 Israeli and 1 Palestinian children murdered? If I were P.M. and with no other justice options available, I would execute only 3 or 1 enemy for murdering children and not go on a killing spree.  Also unfortunately, a small drone that could shoot bullets, small explosive and short range communications jamming device versus bombing a "hospital with military command center."

The idea is, via drone, to speak to the Israeli and Palestinian peoples about collaborating on saving as many lives and as much property as possible.

#6a  Domestic Ambassador Drones and Robots

The functions of domestic ambassador drones and robots are mostly to combat poverty and improve the economy.  A robot can distribute thin tablet computers and a very small drone (size of a lady bug) could serve as a hotspot.

A first responder- or 211 robot can be a guide to Google Startups idea and Police Big Help Button App.  Asking about Candidate Hopeful's Economic/Financial Methods would bring you to a YouTube video with markers and whiteboard session.  For Ferguson, Mo. a robot can advertise 1 button justice or evidence idea: camcorder button on back of a smartphone. If a problem is ongoing, an app may be introduced via drone to connect the local population to a chart or Excel spreadsheet of what the ethics committee and officials think and what actions they're taking.  Add a list of 
popular purposes in life: inexpensive water, 4&6 hour work days, affordable universal health care, etc.

Drones & robots can help with educational and business opportunities. Special economic zoning can help.

All is funded by the dropping price of current- and via exponential technologies which will open the door to a new economy for the poor.

#7  Superior Prison System: The Jail Band Special Economic Zone

Economy Method 7.  E-Jail Band strapped to wrist, replaces ankle bracelet. 
Thin, flexible monitor.  Flexi-tablet.  Storedot battery.  Paid for by traditional jail rent.  Reform:  Social Responsibility Advertisements showing how inmates can improve their lives, giving them many purposes in life.  I also recommend using Dean Kamen's Slingshot Water Purifier, Seafloor Carpet, WaterFX's Aqua4 technology and SimpleWater's ECAR System (as reported in Abundance the book, by ABC7NEWS and USA Today respectively).

Purpose 1:  4 & 6 hour work days.
How button on E-Jail Band:  Build a dam at the CA-Mexico border, subsidy to inmates and residents used to reduce the # of hours they need to work.
Join button:  Relocates you to CA-Mexico border construction zone with benefits like a life policy.

Purpose 2:  Universal Healthcare
How button:  Build a 2nd dam at the TX-Mexico border, subsidy of Universal Healthcare.

Purpose 3:  Vertical or innovative farms with 4 water devices above.

Purpose 4:  3D printing everywhere.

Purpose 5:  Start-ups & 1-Stop Career App.

Purpose 6:  Virtual Education Center.  Google Glass or gaming goggles.

E-Jail band can download apps and has a 24 hour help button.  For example, you can download a mentors & tutors app.

Let your imagination run!  You're going to the border to get rich, not be a slave.

#8  Water Devices 1/2 Sheet for Officials

Drug Replacement Economy Method 13.

Dear Governor...,

Invest in these:  Dean Kamen's Slingshot Water Purifier, UC Berkeley's Seafloor Carpet (YouTube), WaterFX's Aqua4 technology (Google), SimpleWater's Electrochemical Arsenic Remediation (ECAR) System...

Proceeds from water devices grow into these examples:

  • Term-Life Insurance and e-reader/tablet & book subsidies for the eventually to be rich homeless
  • Return of Manufacturing
  • Universal Healthcare from water revenue
  • Funds for housing and construction technology
  • Free college subsidies (economy method 11), if you invest in commodities, etc.
Of course, you could ask any mayor to invest in water devices.

Water is money!  The more money you have, the more good you can do with it.
(Sources:  Slingshot from Abundance the book, Seafloor Carpet and SimpleWater from ABC7NEWS and WaterFX from USA Today.)

#9  Economy Star Rating

Economy Method 10.

This is an organization's greed rating.

1 star = totally greedy organization.  Does virtually nothing positive for average or poor people.  Avoid.

5 stars = economic powerhouse.  Manages to help the world, especially average or poor people.  Help grow.


  • Dems:  3-1/2 stars for using executive power to move the economy forward
  • Reps:  2-1/2 stars for resisting right wing extremism and compromising
  • Tea Party:  1 star for cutting food stamps

#10 Gridlock Key

Economy method 12.  Ask a candidate to post his or her economy methods on YouTube: Sample view button, candidate name and donation or fee button.

The economy methods listing allows voters to see the meat, what a candidate can do for them at 1 glance. Filters out the candidates with little or nothing to give the public. Political consensus (agreeing) will go way up!

Add reason for Economy Star Rating as a commentary.

#11 Food Bank 2

Economy Method 13.  Food Bank 2 not only takes donations, it sells products; proceeds go back to supporting operations.  It has drones and robots like  For the poor it has government special economic zoning & profit subsidized internet.  Food Bank 2 app enhances profits.

#12 Utility Patent Support App

Economy method 14.  List your utility patent or idea on the Utility Patent Support App.  For example, the 4 water devices on this blog.  Link & update YouTube video of your plans:  Tell everybody what you need and how it will benefit the world economy.  Patrons enter donation or investment amount.  Negotiations come through secured e-mail.

Add donations and subsidies to pay for legal services and other support an inventor may need.

#13 Immigration Solution Update

Shuffle the 4 water devices mentioned on this blog through Food Bank 2 to all 50 states and the world.  Take a small percentage of water proceeds to subsidize investments in immigrants at USA - Mexico border.  Add legislation to make border a special economic zone.  Presto!  An extra economy is born, a Double Mint later!

#14 Rent Subsidies- and Gentrification Solution

Connect the 4 water devices mentioned above to the ocean.

Use water revenue to invest in the following:  Water infrastructure, oil, natural gas, biofuels, utilities, construction equipment & supplies, insurance and REITs.  A reader said to diversify investments for safety vs. investing in companies and commodities directly related to housing.

Use revenue from investments to subsidize rent and end gentrification.

#15 Seed Bombs for Bees

Economy Method 15.

In addition to removing pesticides and other factors which cause colony collapse disorder, bees need food.  Drop an eco-friendly seed bomb on soil and flowers eventually start growing there.  Bees come to lunch and population grows!

Seed Bombs' package should label which of 6 USA regions it's for.

Seed Bombs' can also be used for reforestation.

SFHG 1st heard about seed bombs on KCBS 740.

GOOGLE:  Seed Bombs for Bees

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Anti-Poverty Sheet

This article is for promoting anti-poverty ideas: at this time, mostly SFHG's.  Dreamspray attacks run you into all sorts of social problems and, of course, poverty is one of them.  Here are SFHG's ideas for handling and preventing poverty.  And remember, in addition to being hundred- or thousandnaires, the mixed nuts are truly nothing.

The solution to dreamspray or dream chemical attacks: 1. $50 Citation or $100 citation for 24hr attack; and 2. Rental Agreement prohibiting spray attacks. Mention symptoms:  confusion, loss of energy, cold, flu and toothache.  Just get 2 witnesses to sign for proof.  The less money you have, the greater likelyhood of attacks.

To get people off drugs, SFHG uses a gigantic holographic gift (iPad, Kindle,etc.) and greeting card with 3 lines: College-bound. No Drugs. Reading.  Use your imagination and style.  Hardcore addicts:  Community Drug Courts.

For the drug dealers that did not spray attack people, engage in constant lying and f-words:  Try getting percentage from your own video games, apps, DARPA Drug Money Replacement Department and XPRIZE for Poverty to fund your programs.  May they go viral.

An Energy Source Helps

SFHG, reading a new age book from the Ramtha selection, saw a passage that mentioned harnessing the sun's power.  He wondered how this could be done cost effectively.  So, he used his whole brain ability or knowing ability to perform a mental feat.  After a few seconds or inputs or zaps, he came up with the the following:

The transporter on Star Trek could be used to beam heat or or a piece of the sun to Earth, providing an unlimited power source.

Later on SFHG also discovered antipoverty effects of a transporter device.

SFHG advertised his findings on the TransAmerica Pyramid:  hologram of transporter with Raisin Bran Box (with sun) materializing in the center.

First, you need to unwrap the (hydrogen) atom into a wave, then transmit and finally rewrap it.  Teleportation.  SFHG doesn't know what kind of particle or wave to bombard the atom with in order to unwrap it.

Update:  SFHG readers said teleportation to harness the sun will not work due to conservation of energy and requested a hyperspace or star gate hypothesis:

Conducting the graviton current from a gravity motor into a spiral or circular guide may create a "chronoton" vacuum.  Time particles may be swept out of the central area making distance between two points shorter.

A ring of "chronotons" supports space.  Example:  One passes around every point, not through every point, in an area.

Where do you get a gravity motor patent?  Google:  ufohowto.  BEWARE:  Antigrav unit may knock out lights, pacemakers, radiowaves, etc. Word chronoton comes from Star Trek.  "Chronotons" may or may not be real.

Anti-poverty Effects of a Hyperspace or Star Gate

1.  Hydrogen fuel cheap or free:  "Unlimited" businesses.  Total employment, if creative.  A huge drop in poverty and associated crime, if creative.  Poverty mostly gone;

2.  Agricultural-, manufacturing-, and medical technologies cheaper.  Water purification systems, such as Dean Kamen's Slingshot (Abundance by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler, YouTube), would be cheaper;

3.  With resources plentiful and strategically placed, a Run From War United Nation's Program could be implemented because resources are available and really affordable. All or most of the dictators or governments with human rights abuses would be alone and suffering a massive boycott.  War would mostly be gone;

4.  Garbage and nuclear waste could, more cheaply, be recycled or atomized.  Pollution mostly gone;

5.  Transmutation may be possible, up and down the periodic table;

6.  Mining would, of course, be revolutionized.  One could potentially mine asteroid belts or even the sun efficiently and safely;

7.  Tea Party Detour:  affordable and eventually way affordable would become a common term and break congressional gridlock;

8.  Tea Party Detour:  Immigration much more affordable;

9.  Tea Party Detour:  At-Risk Visa.  Harnessing the sun via hyper- or star gate will enable SFHG's At-Risk Visa idea:  1 free book/month, term-life policy (small, medium, large), free kindle or iPad, inexpensive laptop, cell- or smartphone programs.

How will internet service be affordable? Via library, internet cafe, technology park, projects hotspot.

How will you stop people from selling drugs, commiting crime with cell- or smartphone?  Probably talking about a small percentage of people.  A society that harnesses the sun has nearly unlimited resources.  Stealing or selling drugs is less likely.  You may do a cost-benefit analysis.

Welfare makes people lazy?  Not if you design it correctly.  Except for elderly and disabled, give people "build-fare."  Incubate antipoverty activities.  For example, gifted people, who demonstrate they can reduce poverty:  scholarships, car keys, room and board, universal healthcare card, term-life insurance (for parents), basic R&D packages (throw in a 3D printer and supplies); 

10.  People could afford to help each other much more and should be encouraged to do so. Create a Special Economic Zone.

Teach the Tea Party Site. Why it works.

Tea Party Detour:  Religious Economic Beliefs.

This section positively shifts religious beliefs to improve the economy.

There are many great holy books, but I'm going short cut here for efficiency and effect:

1. The Bible;

2. The Koran;

3.  The Serpent Power (and other books by Sir John Woodroffe).

Each subsequent book is more advanced than the previous because they are written later in time in a more evolved society.  The Serpent Power, which you'll only understand 1/2 of, difficulty due to Sanskrit and insinuations, has information of a helpful, true G-d and material is scholarly.  You'll be learning about the absolute eye, -ear, siddhis, kundalini, etc.

Here comes the shift for the Tea Party.

What does G-d want?  G-d's latest representative on Earth, Sathya Sai Baba, did a lot of public welfare projects:  Water, hospitals, universities, etc.  Dramatically increased the quality of life for ordinary people.  It's a good idea for the Tea Party to follow his example because the economy is helluv improved.

Fabrication Technology Ideas from SFHG

You need a neutron assembler, proton source, and fuser to put an atom together.  Brush up on particle physics is necessary, here.

Compact fabricator would revolutionize a United Nations' Run From War Program to "World Peace Stage II."

Searl Effect Generator

If engineers, inventors and scientist ever get the SEG working and if it doesn't cut off your electricity and play havoc with your radio, we'd have 2 revolutions.  The patent of the SEG SFHG used to have had 3 rings spinning in opposite directions.  Think it creates a graviton vacuum?

Immigration Reform

Dean Kamen's Slingshot Water Purifier (for USA & Mexico) + Immigration. California and the globe could use fantastic water- and ice age infrastructure. Hire immigrants to help do the job. Water infrastructure is also a major reason for bringing back manufacturing, as well as agriculture.  Think Great USA - Mexico Water and Ice Age Infrastructure Deal.

Giant cash bag, so don't be cheap:  Demand 4 & 6 hour work days and Universal Healthcare after building an unlimited funding source, such as a dam or 2nd dam, to support it.  Full rights and benefits!  Don't treat people you need like dirt. Water economy & Dems! Immigrants can create new economies.

For more about Dean Kamen's Slingshot Water Purifier, see Abundance by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler or just check YouTube.  Google WaterFX's Aqua4 Technology which I saw on USA Today.  YouTube to see working Seafloor Carpet from UC Berkeley as reported on ABC7NEWS.

Getting Manufacturing Jobs Back to USA

Ask the president and congress for legislation on helluv improving 3D printer technology.  For a better world, manufacturing can be ubiquitous.  Yes, manufacturing jobs will come back from China, who won't be poor either.  Print body-, housing parts, etc. for the market.

Job Creation USA

Paraphrase from Mariana Mazzucato, author of The Entrepreneurial State, on KGO810AM, early in the morning:

DARPA + bank incubation = lots of jobs.

Make the Economy Jump to the Next Level

Google:  penny4nasa.  Ask the president and congress to increase funding of NASA to 1%.  Eventually, you'll see the economy jump to the next level. NASA boosts economy, innovation and technology.

Partially Funding California

Ask YouTube to sell our videos.  Get your pencils and crayons out to show YouTube the possibilities.  Example:

5 min. sample button, The Democratic- or Republican Party Video, $.99, 5, 25, 100, etc.

The taxes from YouTube sales will fill California's coffers.

Enter the Democratic Party:  "We'll do it!  We'll use the YouTube money to crush poverty!"

Enter the Republican- and Tea Party dancing:  "FREE!" and unchained from negative special interests due to unlimited funding, factoring in the difficulties of life and helping the poor grow much more.

Changing Politics for the Economy

Use YouTube to filter candidates.

Interviewer's #1 and main question:  What are your innovative ideas?

In 30 seconds you'll know if the candidate's innovative or idiotic.  Of course, you have other qualities:  many solutions, 1 solution, average or run-of-the-mill, misguided and, of course, just plain stupid.

The idea is to get the highest quality candidates for every state of the union for the country's current problems.

SFHG calls it Reaganizing the candidate, even though President Reagan wasn't exactily perfect.  Helps the people (innovation base) survive and thrive.

United Nations' World Peace App

Save war money.

Click UNWPA icon. Select For Land or For Lives Lost during conflict.  Select Payor country (example: Israel).  Select Payee country (example:  Palestinian Territories).  Yes, you can send goods to registered users with profiles.  Select goods to send.  For Land Lost, you may select buy or donate to Great Land Purchase/Sharing Fund.  For Lives Lost select anything from donate for a new hospital to a simple box of bandages.  Aggregate receipts appear to tabs on the right:  Israel has paid a total of $N;  Palestinian Territories has paid a total of $N;  World Community (other countries) contributed a total of $N for sharing the land, water resources, etc.

When receipts equal total damages, you may convert to U.N. World Anti-Poverty App.

Abuse:  Just suspend user profile until investigation is complete.

What about torture?  Use criminal courts.

Fewer attackers:  1 by 1.

Use your imagination.

Mentors/Tutors App

Click app icon > help button > select mentor or tutor > select categories > ask your question.  Mentors and tutors are paid via taxes, college credits, rewards, economy-positive subscription and, of course, there's open source advice or comments.

List of (financial) traps in life

AARP Retirement Survival Guide by Julie Jason. Copyright 2009.  Look in Appendix D for a list of (financial) traps in life.

Sweat Equity Homeless Edition

Homeless compendium app or .gov.  How did you succeed?

Map (charts, graphs and smart art) experiences and methods for getting out of homelessness, gives a Homelessness 101 course for those at risk and places it all on a DVD-RW.  Source:  autobiographical information from people who beat homelessness.

Links the pre-homeless to all registered resources and services near their vicinity.

Lists extra books read or experiences had that made individuals successful in their professions.

General anti-poverty ideas

African Americans (or any ethnicity for that matter) + term-life insurance (mostly) = Change in 1 generation.

Start an online petition for term-life or proper policies for the poor.

SFHG beams his hologram of a California non-profit credit card with quotation marks to stretch reader imagination.  The message is a little socialism may be a good thing, especially if it increases market stability and value.  Why not put state non-profit or state owned business systems on the accounting sheets to see if they pan out. It's not total socialism.

Making that College Loan More Affordable

Google:  Income-based repayment (ibr) and/or Pay As You Earn.  Both federal programs are for North America.

Source:  Gavin Newsom's Higher Ed. magazine on Flipboard from title, Households Struggle As Education Department Lets Student Loan Borrowers Default.

Community Effect of Compounding

Take $200 (extra you have) per month.  Invest it in a good mutual fund.  You get interest, capital gains and maybe dividends; depends on the type of fund.  At the end of 20 years, you'll have enough to pay for an education, which you can use to escape poverty.

Here, you're contributing $2,400 per year, compounded annually.  Calculated at 8%:  in 20 years, you'll have $118,000; in 30 years, $293,000; and in 40 years, $671,000.  (Note: Calculations do not include taxes.)

The process is called compounding money.

If your neighborhood compounds money, there will be one big bite taken out of poverty.

See a registered financial adviser for a more complex financial plan.

Immediate Annuity

An immediate annuity can replace a pension but be sure to check how stable the insurer is.

Shelter II, National Shelter Program

Shelter II is a more advanced  shelter program.  In addition to standard funding and being green, it has its own non-profit or partial profit online market and may add services.  It functions like or with an or an eBay targeting quality of life issues where it's needed the most.

Basic idea:   Some profits from police auctions go to collateral for microloans for businesses.  Profits from businesses can go to help some shelter clients.

Shelter Ratings web site

A web site that rates shelters may be of help.  A detailed description of the shelter may bring in more clients, reduce fear, force improvements and improve accountability.  A blog may be used to gauge shelter atmosphere and services.

Fewer Babies is  Greener Flyer

Design a flyer that says Fewer Babies is Greener.  Add a theme:  Christian or Muslim, for example. Ask permission to assign it as homework.  Instructions:  Have parents comment on it.

Medicinal Victory Garden

Low- and moderate risk inmates grow non-narcotic medicinal plants.  Replaces drug dealing income through sale of medicinal plants, lowers the cost of some medications.  Extra money goes to those at risk in the community.  Of course, may auction or sell other items.

Non-profit Rx for inmates, pre- and post release

Source of income for inmate, pre- and post release, for as long as necessary.  Percentage goes to programs for those at risk in the community; for example, purchase term-life insurance.  Of course, payments can go to recompense victims.

Why help (low- and moderate risk) inmates?

Because it's cheaper:  avoids lawsuits, boosts income of the community.  Also, it stops the revolving door, being a victim of the system (no money in or out of jail, giant crime problem, homelessness, etc.)

This concludes SFHG's anti-poverty ideas.  Please add your ideas and realizations below.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mideast Conflict: Solutions for Israel and the Palestinian Territories

Why listen to SFHG?

SFHG has only an 160 I.Q., but he can naturally boost it as often as he wants.  So you're listening to a person with an I.Q. that can go as high as 300.

Caveat:  You have to be patient with SFHG's normal I.Q.  Yes, he can be average at times.  Basic solutions must be filtered or improved.

Basic reason for new peace agreement?

Trade Palestinian weapons and properly teaching their associates (especially their children), new, good reasons for not hating Israelis, in return for resources, votes and rights.

Start a Bomber's Hotline to provide reasons for not supporting suicide attacks.

3 New Borders:  Hatred, Religious and Resources

1.  Hatred Border:  It's not changeable and gets worse over time, you say.  The hatred border can be moved using a contract:  Declaration of Forgiveness and Cooperation (in School).  Details below;

2.  Religious Border:  Always trust or remain faithful to your religion, you say.  Religion can be converted by speaking common sense statements and proving your hypothesis;

(Note:  There are 3 stages of realization in life:  religious, common sense and research.  Each subsequent stage builds on and is superior to the previous stage.  Research level is the highest you can attain.)

3.  Resources Border:  When resources are allocated or distributed properly, they can affect numbers 1 & 2 above.

To sum it up, no hatred or extremely low hatred equals no wall necessary.

Personal Contract:  Declaration of Forgiveness and Cooperation (in School)

On a document with religious artwork and designs on it, print the following:

If you forgive us for (the massacre), we will do the following:

1.  Pay for lives lost by saving lives through building or improving a hospital and/or sending medical aid and technology;

2.  Build, repair or improve housing;

3.  Build desalination plants to free up aquifers for Palestinian/Israeli use;

4.  Prosecute those responsible for atrocities (like torture).  Some people just don't change.

(Tip:  Plea deals are possible.  If the person can pay for the murder or damage, let him do so.  The object of punishment is to change a person's ideas.  If a criminal does something positive, reward him.  It opens up a more wholesome relationship and fosters a more stable community.  He may do something to help you in the future.)

In return for resources and service, you must at least do this:

Post the personal contract above on the classroom chalkboard and assign it as homework.  Be innovative, rename the contract:  If they do something wrong, you don't have to kill them.  Here's what to do...or can you add non-violent and effective techniques to the methods above?

SFHG calls the above The Equity Method

Zionism:  The past is important but so is the present.  Agreements must be reconciled, legally or fairly.  Liberal (General) Zionism deserves a prize for being diverse and gives full rights to Palestinians.  That means more rights (better treatment) than under the Ottoman Empire, Arab government, PLO, Fatah and Hamas.

The Land:  Pay Palestinians for the land.  Why?  Because it cheaper than fighting the entire region forever

(Tip:  Don't be cheap.  Giving extra money, beyond the value of the land will buy you business relationships.  It's goodwill.  Also, demand that the money be given to accountable programs.)

Lawsuits or prosecution for crimes:  Allow them.  Get the scumbags out of military groups.  Don't be fooled into thinking that all personnel are good or normal people.  You're doing your country and foreign relations a favor.  Fewer or no people will die for a crime someone committed.

(Tip:  Watch out for religious people who are also crazy.  Use common sense and proof to defeat them.  Let research light the way around extremist reactions to problems.)

Vote out corrupt officials.  You can always write a letter to the news.

(Tip:  To change right-wing beliefs, do research and give them viable options so they don't have to make hard decisions like torturing people.  SFHG believes kicking them out of office to be the best choice.)

How do you get rid of the wall?

SFHG is still researching it.  Results for now are leave the wall in place, bring goods and technology to the Palestinian people conditionally, and use checkpoints to distribute brochures promoting LOCAL  Israeli-Palestinian co-existence projects (e.g. alternatives to violence program, Bomber's Hotline).  Technology can raise the standard of living above what Palestinians ever enjoyed thus making the right of return unnecessary.  Eventually, the news, music and entertainment industries can help amplify hope and success or these projects, reducing hatred even more.

You must give a new purpose to people who use violence (for a reason).  Example:  Brochure describing a special program for people (Israelis and Palestinians) who use violence to further their cause.  They need to hear about good options or handling techniques.  Normally, it's in the form of an organization's address, someone "in power" they can complain to.

After a period of no attacks, it should be safe to remove the wall, for their children at least.

Innovative use of the wall

Add an "ambassador's" phone line on both sides of the wall.  Palestinians can call Israeli citizens for simple items they need.  Israeli's can deliver items through a check point.  In return for 1 fewer bombers, Palestinians can gain 1 Israeli vote or Israeli citizen's complaint to an agency.

(Note:  Palestinians and Israelis must be able to see the phones for reduction of terror attacks to work.)

It looks like it will take a long time; how do we speed things up?

1.  Start an ambassador's hotline:  Israeli-Palestinian co-existence projects for your location are at these addresses.

2.  Gift basket for Palestinians.  Contents:  First Aid Kit (symbolizing building future hospitals or medical aid) with ribbon signifying prayers for those who died; bottle of water with ribbon signifying possible future plans for sharing aquifers because of successful peace efforts; contract that says, BUYING YOUR LAND, include reparations; a receipt (not a bill) for the total cost of all items placed in the gift basket.

Once the gift basket is ready, pass it through a check point to a needy Palestinian.  Get permission 1st, of course.

Result is 1, or more, fewer terrorist + 1, or more, fewer Israeli bombers and cost savings.

Let your imagination run free:  Allow the United Nations to help pay for this cheaper and more efficient peace plan.  Take a poll each year to see who likes paying Palestinians with gift baskets, for the land, for an "instantaneous" end to the conflict that seems to go on forever. Money for Palestinans is in safe local co-existence projects mentioned in the gift basket contract.

Why be against Al-Qaeda?

1.  Al-Qaeda blows up innocent people;

2.  Al-Qaeda has a religious obligation to execute apostates (people who abandon their faith) including leaders of Muslim countries because they fail to enforce sharia law; 

(Why can't Al-Qaeda convince them to rejoin the faith by using proof or good reasons?)

3.  Osama bin Laden does not possess the traditional Islamic scholarly qualifications to issue a fatwa (binding religious edict);

(Does he have methods other than killing people?)

4.  Al-Qaeda Aviation Network smuggles drugs to Europe for distribution and sale.  Smuggled weapons are used in conflicts in Africa and possible elsewhere.  Kidnapping they do is also wrong;

5.  Al-Qaeda tortures people.

How do we reduce or get rid of Al-Qaeda?

World leaders should do a PowerPoint presentation on network TV and read out the list above or their own list:  Anti-Al-Qaeda address and ask the public to follow their example.  It only requires 1 or 2 minutes.  An international anti-Al-Qaeda web site is good.

Contact a local official's office instead of Al-Qaeda if there's a problem.  They're usually recognized and reputable.  Contacting Al-Qaeda is the equivalent of calling the mafia.

What if the PLO needs weapons to defend against extremist?

Develop SFHG's smart gun technology and apply it to weapons. iCOP (not affiliated with APPLE) technology can also prevent extremism by offering options through its parent/mentor network.  Israelis can also turn off smart weapons technology.

What if the military and/or politicians lie about the enemy?

That's a complex question and depends on how serious the lie is.  Whether it's a lie about 1 person or lying to the entire Earth's population (e.g. about Jews), generally, don't tolerate it.  Respond carefully and tactfully.  First figure out if the situation is dangerous.  If it is, you have to develop a special method to handle the problem (e.g. letter to the right agency, media and You Tube).  If the problem is too difficult to handle, carefully, distance yourself from the military or convince people to vote against a politician.  Be respectful with libel and slander laws.  Israel does have all the advantages of a democracy.

Always check statements.  Compare facts from a trustworthy or scholarly source.

Source for some of the information above:, so you'll have to confirm the information.  This is also a personal blog.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

2nd Dimensional World: Christians, Muslims and Others

When SFHG was in his 20s, he fell asleep; upon waking he found himself floating above his body.  Things to note and what they imply:

There is a second body: This means you have to take care of it -- food, water, shelter, clothing, healthcare, job application, networking, etc.

Unless you're a very special person, the judgement is probably a social worker, integration  or orientation worker.  God, Jesus, Muhammad and other religious figures are not there.

Everything looks brighter than the 1st dimensional world.

When SFHG woke up, 2 or 3 entire hours had passed.  There's a sense of timelessness:  30 seconds in the 2nd dimensional world equals 2 or 3 hours in the 1st dimensional world when you wake up.

Surrroundings look just like they do in the 1st dimensional world, maybe a little brighter.

A-State:  When you fall asleep at night, you go black or blank during part of the sleep cycle.  This is probably delta state.  SFHG believes people sometimes wake up in their 2nd body during delta state and upon waking up in their 1st body, do not remember or remember very little of activities that occurred while black or blank.

When you wake up in the second body, note that it can use dreamspray to spray a tube on to the ceiling (to denote YES) or on to the floor (to denote NO).  So, just before you go to sleep, think of a question to ask your A-State self.  Make sure to spray the tube thick enough for your physical self to see.

If you're a little skilled, you can form or "materialize" an image of an object in a pocket, bubble or blob of dreamspray.

Suggested questions to ask your 2nd self:

Do I need food and water on the other side?
Am I all knowing?
Do people lie or cause trouble?
Is there healthcare?
Is my grandmother alright?
Can I possess people?  Can most people, on the other side, possess people?
Can or do people attack with dreamspray on the other side?
Do people stay quiet about dreamspray because they consider it to be psychic powers?
On the average, what's the lifespan of people or spirits?

Note:  1st and 2nd dimensional world people can give you dreams by focusing dreamspray onto the center of the forehead or into the eyes (as long as dreamspray images are conducted into an eye.) 

Friday, December 24, 2010

Gay Marriage and Homosexuality

Dreamspray holograms can be quite informative.  SFHG beamed the message below on pride day at Civic Center in San Francisco.  Subsequently, the plaintiffs in Iowa won 6 to zero.  And, they say dreamspray holograms aren't real.  HA HA HA HA HA!


The subject is the nature of human sexuality.  You have to make make a negative choice before you sin.  If you haven't chosen to be homosexual, then you haven't sinned.  You were born gay.

If you say people choose to be gay, then is it also their choice to be heterosexual?

Some people say that they were heterosexual and made a choice to be homosexual.  You have to go back to the fact that homosexuality is not wrong because it's not by choice.

You can see that homosexuality is wrong.  You can also see that if choice wasn't involved, then sin is not possible.  Common sense and proof are also of God.

If homosexuality is not wrong, then gay marriage is not wrong.

Gay marriage is safer because individuals don't sleep around; they're less likely to contract a STD; a relationship promoting positive values may form.

It's Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.  Pretend they're penguins or another species.  Does male to female sex still or always hold true? Statistically?

Truth gives way to greater truth or proof. 

Thursday, December 23, 2010


When dealing with a lot of dreamspray attacks, you could eventually run into an assault situation.  Here's how to avoid it. 

People need to learn to increase defenses and decrease offenses when dealing with an assault situation and learn how to do this when they're young so they can avoid legal traps.  Civilians are not the military and even officers can use the training to avoid unnecessary violence.

The law says that you can only use the minimum force necessary to get away from your attacker.

Step 1.  Realize that you are in an assault situation.  The attacker is provoking you by daring you to fight, is moving toward you to hit you, picks up a blunt object or weapon, throws something at you, etc.  The attacker may be yelling at you.

Step 2.  BACK OFF 10 FEET.  Increase the distance between you and the attacker.  Try to put 2 large objects between you and him or her.  One will do but 2 are better.  Make sure you are next to an exit and not a dead end.

If you are under assault, attacker is hitting you and everything, use enough force to break free, then back away 10 feet. A self-defense instructor may help you with this step.  It can get pretty complex.

Step 3.   This is very important.  If possible avoid the stairs. Stairs = Danger when in an assault situation.  Also, you want to avoid the legal traps associated with an assault situation on the stairs.

Step 4.  Continue increasing the distance between you and the attacker until it's too inconvenient for him or her to follow you.  Avoid speaking to him or her.

Step 5.  Finish line!  You've succeeded in doing what every judge wants people to do in an assault situation:  Escape!  You've also escaped losing your job (by getting arrested) because you "may" have used too much force, avoided an accident (that you may have been charged for) by skipping the dangerous stairs.  You didn't provoke your attacker verbally.  It's now, your choice to dial 2-1-1, 9-1-1 or just plain leave (as in a family situation) to allow for a cooling off period, so you can talk to the attacker later (perhaps keep the attacker from losing his or her job by getting arrested.)

If you're almost indigent, you may have avoided going homeless or losing you belongings.

Your husband or wife didn't lose his or her job.

The kids don't have a criminal record that will affect their employment record.

You held off the other person for X minutes.

You're not in the expensive hospital getting medical attention.

The other person has time to apologize.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Secret of Life

Enter "The Secret of Life" at Google Search.  You get anything but The Secret of Life.  This article is for when life gets hard or you face a difficult situation some day and you ask yourself, "What is life about?"

"What is the secret of life?" equals "What's everybody doing here Earth?"  It's really no secret once you think about it:  People are constantly learning here on Earth.  And, the smartest people learn what's most useful.  So the secret of life is learning as many useful things as possible.  That's what people do in life: learn.

Religion and science try to answer the question, "What is life about?"  I'll fuse them together and make their purpose in life simple to understand.

1+1=2                              Your basic religious and scientific belief.

Does N+1=2                  For handling complexities in life.

And say:                       "I do not know," for the mysteries in life.

A plain observation of "What is the secret of life?" is that there are a lot of  secrets in life:  Secrets in that arts and sciences.  Just name any field.  Things get more advanced as time goes on.

So, what's the ultimate secret of life?  I do not know.  Life would be boring if I did know.  My total experience tells me to just keep growing so I can become more advanced as time passes. That way, I can handle a larger number of problems in life. 

Last, "What my purpose in life?"  An individual may have many purposes in life, small to big.  Your biggest purpose in life is your main purpose in life.  Remember, don't ignore the smaller purposes in life.  You never can tell when someone will return a favor.

OK!  That concludes my discoveries on the philosophical secret of life.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Positive effects and uses of dreamspray

This is one of my favorte articles.  It denotes socially positive use of dreamspray.  Before we begin, I want you ignore the "experts" and consider whether devil worship, witchcraft and psychic powers work at all because it's really embarrassing when you see officials putting fear into people about something that doesn't work "almost" all of the time.

Dreamspray works because you can see it and write it down.  It's also one of the ways the smart cookies and needy find SFHG's blog. And, obviously you can use DS holograms as a teaching tool, provided DS attacks are not happening nearby.

Dreamspray or dream chemical can conduct thoughts and emotions:  concepts, images and feelings.  You can select or organize the type of thought you want prevalent.  They can be primitive thoughts to ideas in advanced arts and sciences.  Positive use can speed up discovery or realization of important steps in a process.

DS positive effects can also be described as having a good effect on a person, the positive atmosphere or brightness of a place.

Remember to add the words in unison, with everybody else, together, etc. in your muse function or white ops DS commands.  This prevents bias or mixing up the volunteer.  Watch out for the mixed nuts; they'll actively and consciously reverse and block anything good.

First, there must be enough DS in the air.  You can find DS at a place with a happy, fun atmosphere.  Focus on the happy, fun DS in the air to produce more of it.  With your eyes in the  DS perimeter try to form a DS hologram:  Command, "Develop a circle."  If a circle doesn't appear or is barely visible, spray more DS into the air and try again.

Once there is enough DS, command, "Improve the circle." Each subsequent time you improve the circle, images should get more advanced:  circle, planet, planet with longitude and latitude lines, sun, other planets, etc.  If improving doesn't work, you and/or group members don't have the ability to improve images and unfortunately can't use positive DS effects.

If improving the circle does work and you get a series of improved circles, then hooray! You and/or group members are gifted and can use positive DS effects.  Command, "Helluv improve the cure for cancer (general)":  The next possible step in the process or part of it will form quickly in the cancer researcher's mind.

If you DS command, "Improve the doughnut," on a holographic doughnut, sprinkles may appear on it.  If you command "Improve the economy," on the holographic doughnut, boxes of doughnuts on a shelf or part of a doughnut shop may appear.

Innovative dreamspray commands

Helluv improve HIV vaccine technology
Helluv improve HIV theraputic vaccine tecnology
Helluv improve the job economy
Helluv improve Mideast Peace
Helluv improve anti-torture day 2

5 minutes per day, casually repeat the dreamspray affirmations.   Again, in your command, add the words in unison, with everybody else, together, etc. to avoid bias or scrambling the volunteer.  Watch the news or check Google at EOM for results.

What is it?

Discovery Year:  1991

Discovery Place:  Gas station

What it looks like:  Images of words and pictures floating in the air.  Also, it's what makes a place look dark and give a place its dangerous- or bright, supportive and positive atmosphere.

Properties:  After induction with dreamspray, people can beam holograms and command various types of spray attacks.  The blind, who have dreams, may also be able to see images with it if you beam a hologram on to the center of the forehead or feed an image into an eye.

SFHG believes it to be the chemical dreams are formed with, sprayed externally via the ducts at the ends of the eyelids.

Usage:  SFHG uses dreamspray holograms to help people, mostly the poor and needy, and fend off the mixed nuts.  Text, pictures and formatting can be applied.   The mixed nuts, regular Joes and dumb Joes -- there's also the smart cookies -- scramble and block holograms.  MNs used to beam automatic lie holograms or "trick" people as they call it, and used to treat dreamspray like a do-anything-you-want-to-the-opponent video game.  They're responsible for causing 24 hour attacks.  If you voice a complaint to MNs, they resopnd with, "I do not believe in psychic powers."  They are well aware the attacks affect -- causing symptoms -- people sometimes (depends on concentration and type of attack).

Older names for dreamspray:  Psychic powers; pheromone spray or pheromone compound spray because it can affect you mood, thoughts and feelings.  One thing dreamspray is not is psychic powers; properties and descriptions are completely different.  It took years to "guess" what to name it.

Contacting 9-1-1, hospital, police, Dept. of Public Health, EPA and FBI:
Yes, of course.  Hopefully, the OPD dispatched a call that the public was spray attacking and referred them to the emergency room, if they experienced cold, flu or toothache symptoms.  Because it was a new chemical, SFHG had to answer a ton of questions before the doctor called 9-1-1 and 9-1-1 called SFHG.

Problems came with MN's trick or lie holograms. They succeeded in tricking SFHG into believing that they were drug dealers and murderers by adding false address, drug and gun information to holograms.  Should have noticed that too much of 2 types of gun information came in.  Half of each of 20 e-mails to the police contained the false information and the other half contained accurate dreamspray attack information, which they probably couldn't process because they believed it to be a new chemical (out of their jurisdiction) or imaginary.

The MNs started constant  dreamspray attacks on SFHG because he put a hologram of Boycott Drugs on the TransAmerica Pyramid.  Attacks, on and off, lasted for a decade.

Contacting the media about dreamspray attacks:
Problematic.  DS attacks and holograms can be sketched but not recorded via camera.  The media may also consider DS to be psychic powers and therefore deliberately not speak about it to avoid getting fired, reprimanded or called nuts.  Also, attacks experienced may not be long or strong enough.

Sent simple drawings to Channel 2.  No action was taken.

Why should you care?
Other than the mixed nuts, regular Joes and dumb Joes interfering with your walking and sleeping via dreamspray attack, they may target a VIP.

Most people affected by dreamspray attacks suffer only 1 or 2 symptoms.  They were located in Oakland, San Francisco, Alameda and Berkeley, CA.  If you boycotted drugs via DS hologram, you may suffer dozens of symptoms.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dreamspray withdrawal of information effect

The dreamspray withdrawal of information effect works on the mixed nuts (dumbest drug dealers and addicts) who constantly attack.

Withdrawal of information is usually what the mixed nuts do to the public for fun.  They usually use the defeat command to show the victim's ideas or image to embarrass him/her during communication with informational holograms or attack.  It's also known as stealing information.  Of course, the mixed nuts think very little of the danger of stealing information.

Here are the criteria for making the withdrawal of information effect (WIE) work:

1.  There has to be a sufficient charge of withdrawal of information type of dreamspray;

2.  The withdrawal of information type of DS must be in contact with both the attacker/thief and interrogator/interviewer;

3.  Trick the target into displaying his/her information or think-withdraw (short-term) memory numbers, letters and images via a DS hologram.

Tricking the target into displaying his information via a DS hologram is the most accurate (most amusing for the mixed nuts) method of withdrawing information, but requires confirmation:  thought structure can be superficial to deep and complex.  Make sure no one is standing by the target to avoid mutual withdrawal of information.  Just beam the words PIN number or bomb location in the air or say, "Enter your PIN or bomb location," and wait a couple of seconds.  The target often but not always beams part or all of the PIN number or image of the bomb location onto your DS hologram.  Remember, always corroborate information bounced out; it's really easy to hide thoughts with a little practice.

What if the subject or target hides his information by going blank or flooding his/her mind with extraneous thoughts?

Use the defeat command multiple times (with multiple withdrawers) and filter the limited results received.  So think, "Defeat the mixed nut by withdrawing his PIN number (or bomb location)," and wait for DS hologram numbers, letters and/or images to pop or fall out; then sort results, most to least (or vice versa) likely to be correct.

Remember to aim the withdraw spray at the subject or target.

Does speaking a foreign language matter?

Yes.  You need a bilingual withdrawer or 2 withdrawers:  one to withdraw; one who speaks the subject's or target's language fluently and is minimally skilled at using DS holograms to withdraw information.

What if I can't get withdrawing information via DS hologram to work, no matter what?

Then, I fear that only a few gifted people have the ability to withdwaw unformation via DS hologram.  Also, it simply may be that the withdrawer is not terribly intelligent  and therefore not deft at handling the withdrawal of information type of DS.