Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Secret of Life

Enter "The Secret of Life" at Google Search.  You get anything but The Secret of Life.  This article is for when life gets hard or you face a difficult situation some day and you ask yourself, "What is life about?"

"What is the secret of life?" equals "What's everybody doing here Earth?"  It's really no secret once you think about it:  People are constantly learning here on Earth.  And, the smartest people learn what's most useful.  So the secret of life is learning as many useful things as possible.  That's what people do in life: learn.

Religion and science try to answer the question, "What is life about?"  I'll fuse them together and make their purpose in life simple to understand.

1+1=2                              Your basic religious and scientific belief.

Does N+1=2                  For handling complexities in life.

And say:                       "I do not know," for the mysteries in life.

A plain observation of "What is the secret of life?" is that there are a lot of  secrets in life:  Secrets in that arts and sciences.  Just name any field.  Things get more advanced as time goes on.

So, what's the ultimate secret of life?  I do not know.  Life would be boring if I did know.  My total experience tells me to just keep growing so I can become more advanced as time passes. That way, I can handle a larger number of problems in life. 

Last, "What my purpose in life?"  An individual may have many purposes in life, small to big.  Your biggest purpose in life is your main purpose in life.  Remember, don't ignore the smaller purposes in life.  You never can tell when someone will return a favor.

OK!  That concludes my discoveries on the philosophical secret of life.

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