Sunday, December 19, 2010

How to help the other drug dealers: the non-murderers

Purpose in life:  provide a source of income for for low- and moderate risk inmates, pre- and post-release, and the other at risk individuals in the community for as long as necessary.

List of (financial) traps in life

AARP Retirement Survival Guide by Julie Jason, Copyright 2009.  List of (financial) traps in life are located in Appendix D.

Medicinal Victory Garden (non-narcotic)

Low- and moderate risk inmates grow non-narcotic medicinal plants.  Replaces drug dealing income through sale of medicinal plants, lowers the cost of some medications.  Extra money goes to programs for those at risk in the community.  Of course, may auction or sell other items.

Non-profit Rx for inmates, pre- and post release

Source of income for inmates, pre- and post post release for as long as necessary.  Percentage goes to programs for those at risk in the community; example, purchase term-life insurance. Of course, payments can go to recompense victims.

Shelter Ratings web site

A web site that rates shelters may be of help.  A detailed description of the shelter may bring in more clients, reduce fear, force improvements and improve accountability.  A blog may be used to gauge shelter atmosphere and services.

Anti-poverty ideas

African Americans (or any ethnicity for that matter) + term-life insurance (mostly) =  Change in 1 generation.

Community Effect of Compounding

Take $200 (extra you have) per month.  Invest it in a good mutual fund.  You get interest, capital gains and maybe dividends; depends on the type of fund.  At the end of 20 years, you'll have enough to pay for an education, which you can use to escape poverty.

You're contributing $2,400 per year, compounded annually.  Calculated at 8%:  in 20 years, you'll have $118,000; in 30 years, $293,000; and in 40 years, $671,000.  (Note: Calculations do not include taxes.)

The process is called compounding money.

If your neighborhood compounds money, there will be one big bite taken out of poverty.

See a registered financial adviser for a more complex plan.

Fewer Babies is Greener Flyer

Design a flyer that says Fewer Babies is Greener.  Add a theme: Christian or Muslim, for example.  Ask permission to assign it as homework.  Instructions:  Have parents comment on it.

Immediate Annuity

An immediate annuity may replace a pension but be sure to check how stable the insurer is.

Shelter II, National Shelter Program

Shelter II is a more advanced shelter program.  In addition to standard funding and being green, it has it's own non-profit or partial profit online market and may add services.  It functions like or with an or an eBay, targeting quality of life issues where it's needed the most.

Basic idea:  Some profits from police auctions go to collateral or microloans for businesses.  Profits from businesses can be used to help some inmates and shelter clients.

Why help (low - and moderate risk) inmates? Because it's cheaper:  avoids lawsuits, boosts income of the community; thus possibly increasing profits of an or an eBay.  Also, it stops the revolving door, being a victim of the system (no money in or out of jail, giant crime problem, homelessness, etc.)

This concludes SFHG's ideas for helping the other drug dealers.  Please add your ideas and realizations below.

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