Sunday, December 12, 2010

Why did people start attacking with dreamspray?

Not exactily sure.  An "irritation intensity" survey is needed.  Withdrawal of information effect is also paramount.

It's probably because they didn't like people think-pulling dreamspray off their bodies.  People believed DS was psychic powers, so they tried to charge up; that is, think-pull other people's DS on to their bodies. Also, the mixed nuts (dumbest drug dealers and addicts) were of this mentality: "It's psychic powers. People can't speak about it. Let's have some fun spray attacking them and stealing their information."

Somehow, attacks turned into everything from the acid attack to keep everybody going automatically; kill whoerver-it-is off; and defeat everything.

The mixed nuts tried to murder SFHG, because he was vocally against them, with DS but it didn't quite work.  The conflict resulted in a 17 month jail sentence for SFHG and therefore bad blood between the two.

A percentage of the central bay area also hates the mixed nuts because they caused the side effect of non-stop attacking for years.

Officials such as Gavin Newsom, Police Chief Fong and Bill and Hillary clinton have only seen DS holograms at an early stage but don't know about attacks or SFHG social solutions.

The social solutions and resources via boosted I.Q. are why you want to view this blog.  That and the smile on people's faces.

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