Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How to defeat the mixed nuts



The mixed nuts (dumbest drug dealers and addicts) or stupid-crazy people started attacking, late 1994 or early 1995, the central San Francisco Bay Area. They attack for fun, withdraw information via dreamspray holographic numbers, letters and images.  Usually, only part of the information is withdrawn.

SFHG tried to cut off their income by boycotting their drugs.  The other drug dealers said that it was not they that were causing all the trouble.  SFHG told the public that most of the information withdrawn could not be used for crime and that PIN numbers and passwords could be changed to be longer and more complex. The public also started ignoring the fact that the mixed nuts were constantly spray attacking SFHG at this point, not reporting it to the police.

Sometime after SFHG was arrested for getting into a fight, caused by the mixed nuts,  with his aunt (3/2005), the normal people FINALLY dreamspray attacked the MNs en masse, forcing them back to a non-attack regular daily life stage.

SFHG, released 8/2006, needless to say, extremely angry at the MNs (and at the public for taking 10 long years to attack the MNs) for constant dreamspray attacks against him, continued his crusade against the MNs.  His main impetus was probably revenge.

2009, here's what SFHG designed (came up with) to defeat the MNs (or make them pay).

Smart Gun:  This innovative gun has a dual cam for recording both the shooter's and target's motion and can be TURNED OFF via police remote control, signal from 9-1-1 or personal remote control.  It then uploads a record of activity to a server.  To reactivate the gun, you have to dial a service number and answer a few questions.

Technology vs. drugs and crime (to supplement a reduction in police force)

W-2 traps:  random testing in most businesses; advertise consequences in school

iCOP (not affiliated with APPLE):   civilian and non-civilian assistance and policing network.  It's motto is: TO SERVE.

Equipment consist of a smartphone with webcam.  Charges from cell smartphone usages pay for iCOP.  The iCOP webcam can react all activity for a few hours, sends record to a server, then resets. Streaming is possible.  It may also be set to respond to loud noises, gun shots, drug words, etc.  All activity may be partially edited and transmitted via the iCOP networking application.

Emphasis is on increasing parenting and assistance, making law enforcement cheaper, more efficient and likable. Right-click the iCOP icon for these functions:  connect to 2-1-1, parenting (mentors), peers, employment (Medicinal Victory Gardens and Non-profit Rx, Sweat Equity Homeless Edition, etc.)

Of course, you can set  iCOP to record activity from a location, your car or house, for example, which will jam up all crime.

1 button in car + Wi-Fi black box:  Hit the panic button in the car and video for the previous 30 second and onward is kept. Put the black box anywhere in your car. Black box can have many applications.

Anti-drug chip:  goes in cell phones and is mostly for keeping drugs out of kids' hands.  Responds to drug words, which are updated frequently.  The phone records for 1 minute and cycles again if another drug word is mentioned after the minute elapses.  An e-mail is sent to parents if there's activity.  Parents can call the police as a last resort.  This frees up police resources, so they can handle more serious events or serve by networking with the community in other positive ways.

Lower technology methods vs. drugs and crime

Anti-gangsta rap sheet:  You write the lyrics that will change the kids' futures.
Chalk attack: 2 A.M.  Write DRUGS + arrow pointed at drug location on the sidewalk (make sure no one sees you)
Printer attack:  Drug Apt. + address printed large on paper; staple to phone pole (make sure no one sees you)
Phone booth attack:  call police anonymous number to report drug dealer
MicroSD card + cell phone or upgrade for capturing video
Keychain camcorder: conveniently shoot video of crime
Spy pen: conveniently shoot video of crime (read privacy rules first)
LOOXCIE:  constantly records but unfortunately needs ANDROID 2.0

Anti-drug slogans

African Americans + term-life insurance (mostly) = Change in 1 generation
Boycott drugs
Drug sales support murder
Your parents don't want you on drugs
Do not buy their drugs
Buy w/o guns
Low dosage drugs only
License drug use
Boycott gangs
Do not buy from gangs
Buy from anyone else other than gangs
You're not selling drugs in my backyard!

Note: boycotting drugs and gangs doesn't work; any effect is temporary.

That concludes the money saving tips for law enforcement and communities served.

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