Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How to generate a dreamspray hologram

Method 1:  Find some dreamspray.  Go to a place with a positive (dream chemical) atmosphere. The core chemical atmosphere may only extend a few feet from the location and is generated by the people there.  Mentally reach out and visualize an image (circle, square, triangle, etc.) with the chemical.

Method 2:  Practice slowing down or slowing down your thoughts and repeat to yourself, "Remember to make a square appear," as you go to sleep.  Just before you wake, you'll have a near lucid dream.  Form a square or command, "Make a square appear," during the near lucid dream.  Sometimes this works; sometimes it doesn't. 

Note:  Your extended awareness (feelings about a place or person) comes from your vision, plus feeling, mood and holographic image information, you receive, contained in the dreamspray chemical around you.

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