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Mideast Conflict: Solutions for Israel and the Palestinian Territories

Why listen to SFHG?

SFHG has only an 160 I.Q., but he can naturally boost it as often as he wants.  So you're listening to a person with an I.Q. that can go as high as 300.

Caveat:  You have to be patient with SFHG's normal I.Q.  Yes, he can be average at times.  Basic solutions must be filtered or improved.

Basic reason for new peace agreement?

Trade Palestinian weapons and properly teaching their associates (especially their children), new, good reasons for not hating Israelis, in return for resources, votes and rights.

Start a Bomber's Hotline to provide reasons for not supporting suicide attacks.

3 New Borders:  Hatred, Religious and Resources

1.  Hatred Border:  It's not changeable and gets worse over time, you say.  The hatred border can be moved using a contract:  Declaration of Forgiveness and Cooperation (in School).  Details below;

2.  Religious Border:  Always trust or remain faithful to your religion, you say.  Religion can be converted by speaking common sense statements and proving your hypothesis;

(Note:  There are 3 stages of realization in life:  religious, common sense and research.  Each subsequent stage builds on and is superior to the previous stage.  Research level is the highest you can attain.)

3.  Resources Border:  When resources are allocated or distributed properly, they can affect numbers 1 & 2 above.

To sum it up, no hatred or extremely low hatred equals no wall necessary.

Personal Contract:  Declaration of Forgiveness and Cooperation (in School)

On a document with religious artwork and designs on it, print the following:

If you forgive us for (the massacre), we will do the following:

1.  Pay for lives lost by saving lives through building or improving a hospital and/or sending medical aid and technology;

2.  Build, repair or improve housing;

3.  Build desalination plants to free up aquifers for Palestinian/Israeli use;

4.  Prosecute those responsible for atrocities (like torture).  Some people just don't change.

(Tip:  Plea deals are possible.  If the person can pay for the murder or damage, let him do so.  The object of punishment is to change a person's ideas.  If a criminal does something positive, reward him.  It opens up a more wholesome relationship and fosters a more stable community.  He may do something to help you in the future.)

In return for resources and service, you must at least do this:

Post the personal contract above on the classroom chalkboard and assign it as homework.  Be innovative, rename the contract:  If they do something wrong, you don't have to kill them.  Here's what to do...or can you add non-violent and effective techniques to the methods above?

SFHG calls the above The Equity Method

Zionism:  The past is important but so is the present.  Agreements must be reconciled, legally or fairly.  Liberal (General) Zionism deserves a prize for being diverse and gives full rights to Palestinians.  That means more rights (better treatment) than under the Ottoman Empire, Arab government, PLO, Fatah and Hamas.

The Land:  Pay Palestinians for the land.  Why?  Because it cheaper than fighting the entire region forever

(Tip:  Don't be cheap.  Giving extra money, beyond the value of the land will buy you business relationships.  It's goodwill.  Also, demand that the money be given to accountable programs.)

Lawsuits or prosecution for crimes:  Allow them.  Get the scumbags out of military groups.  Don't be fooled into thinking that all personnel are good or normal people.  You're doing your country and foreign relations a favor.  Fewer or no people will die for a crime someone committed.

(Tip:  Watch out for religious people who are also crazy.  Use common sense and proof to defeat them.  Let research light the way around extremist reactions to problems.)

Vote out corrupt officials.  You can always write a letter to the news.

(Tip:  To change right-wing beliefs, do research and give them viable options so they don't have to make hard decisions like torturing people.  SFHG believes kicking them out of office to be the best choice.)

How do you get rid of the wall?

SFHG is still researching it.  Results for now are leave the wall in place, bring goods and technology to the Palestinian people conditionally, and use checkpoints to distribute brochures promoting LOCAL  Israeli-Palestinian co-existence projects (e.g. alternatives to violence program, Bomber's Hotline).  Technology can raise the standard of living above what Palestinians ever enjoyed thus making the right of return unnecessary.  Eventually, the news, music and entertainment industries can help amplify hope and success or these projects, reducing hatred even more.

You must give a new purpose to people who use violence (for a reason).  Example:  Brochure describing a special program for people (Israelis and Palestinians) who use violence to further their cause.  They need to hear about good options or handling techniques.  Normally, it's in the form of an organization's address, someone "in power" they can complain to.

After a period of no attacks, it should be safe to remove the wall, for their children at least.

Innovative use of the wall

Add an "ambassador's" phone line on both sides of the wall.  Palestinians can call Israeli citizens for simple items they need.  Israeli's can deliver items through a check point.  In return for 1 fewer bombers, Palestinians can gain 1 Israeli vote or Israeli citizen's complaint to an agency.

(Note:  Palestinians and Israelis must be able to see the phones for reduction of terror attacks to work.)

It looks like it will take a long time; how do we speed things up?

1.  Start an ambassador's hotline:  Israeli-Palestinian co-existence projects for your location are at these addresses.

2.  Gift basket for Palestinians.  Contents:  First Aid Kit (symbolizing building future hospitals or medical aid) with ribbon signifying prayers for those who died; bottle of water with ribbon signifying possible future plans for sharing aquifers because of successful peace efforts; contract that says, BUYING YOUR LAND, include reparations; a receipt (not a bill) for the total cost of all items placed in the gift basket.

Once the gift basket is ready, pass it through a check point to a needy Palestinian.  Get permission 1st, of course.

Result is 1, or more, fewer terrorist + 1, or more, fewer Israeli bombers and cost savings.

Let your imagination run free:  Allow the United Nations to help pay for this cheaper and more efficient peace plan.  Take a poll each year to see who likes paying Palestinians with gift baskets, for the land, for an "instantaneous" end to the conflict that seems to go on forever. Money for Palestinans is in safe local co-existence projects mentioned in the gift basket contract.

Why be against Al-Qaeda?

1.  Al-Qaeda blows up innocent people;

2.  Al-Qaeda has a religious obligation to execute apostates (people who abandon their faith) including leaders of Muslim countries because they fail to enforce sharia law; 

(Why can't Al-Qaeda convince them to rejoin the faith by using proof or good reasons?)

3.  Osama bin Laden does not possess the traditional Islamic scholarly qualifications to issue a fatwa (binding religious edict);

(Does he have methods other than killing people?)

4.  Al-Qaeda Aviation Network smuggles drugs to Europe for distribution and sale.  Smuggled weapons are used in conflicts in Africa and possible elsewhere.  Kidnapping they do is also wrong;

5.  Al-Qaeda tortures people.

How do we reduce or get rid of Al-Qaeda?

World leaders should do a PowerPoint presentation on network TV and read out the list above or their own list:  Anti-Al-Qaeda address and ask the public to follow their example.  It only requires 1 or 2 minutes.  An international anti-Al-Qaeda web site is good.

Contact a local official's office instead of Al-Qaeda if there's a problem.  They're usually recognized and reputable.  Contacting Al-Qaeda is the equivalent of calling the mafia.

What if the PLO needs weapons to defend against extremist?

Develop SFHG's smart gun technology and apply it to weapons. iCOP (not affiliated with APPLE) technology can also prevent extremism by offering options through its parent/mentor network.  Israelis can also turn off smart weapons technology.

What if the military and/or politicians lie about the enemy?

That's a complex question and depends on how serious the lie is.  Whether it's a lie about 1 person or lying to the entire Earth's population (e.g. about Jews), generally, don't tolerate it.  Respond carefully and tactfully.  First figure out if the situation is dangerous.  If it is, you have to develop a special method to handle the problem (e.g. letter to the right agency, media and You Tube).  If the problem is too difficult to handle, carefully, distance yourself from the military or convince people to vote against a politician.  Be respectful with libel and slander laws.  Israel does have all the advantages of a democracy.

Always check statements.  Compare facts from a trustworthy or scholarly source.

Source for some of the information above:, so you'll have to confirm the information.  This is also a personal blog.

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