Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Anti-Poverty Sheet

This article is for promoting anti-poverty ideas: at this time, mostly SFHG's.  Dreamspray attacks run you into all sorts of social problems and, of course, poverty is one of them.  Here are SFHG's ideas for handling and preventing poverty.  And remember, in addition to being hundred- or thousandnaires, the mixed nuts are truly nothing.

The solution to dreamspray or dream chemical attacks: 1. $50 Citation or $100 citation for 24hr attack; and 2. Rental Agreement prohibiting spray attacks. Mention symptoms:  confusion, loss of energy, cold, flu and toothache.  Just get 2 witnesses to sign for proof.  The less money you have, the greater likelyhood of attacks.

To get people off drugs, SFHG uses a gigantic holographic gift (iPad, Kindle,etc.) and greeting card with 3 lines: College-bound. No Drugs. Reading.  Use your imagination and style.  Hardcore addicts:  Community Drug Courts.

For the drug dealers that did not spray attack people, engage in constant lying and f-words:  Try getting percentage from your own video games, apps, DARPA Drug Money Replacement Department and XPRIZE for Poverty to fund your programs.  May they go viral.

An Energy Source Helps

SFHG, reading a new age book from the Ramtha selection, saw a passage that mentioned harnessing the sun's power.  He wondered how this could be done cost effectively.  So, he used his whole brain ability or knowing ability to perform a mental feat.  After a few seconds or inputs or zaps, he came up with the the following:

The transporter on Star Trek could be used to beam heat or or a piece of the sun to Earth, providing an unlimited power source.

Later on SFHG also discovered antipoverty effects of a transporter device.

SFHG advertised his findings on the TransAmerica Pyramid:  hologram of transporter with Raisin Bran Box (with sun) materializing in the center.

First, you need to unwrap the (hydrogen) atom into a wave, then transmit and finally rewrap it.  Teleportation.  SFHG doesn't know what kind of particle or wave to bombard the atom with in order to unwrap it.

Update:  SFHG readers said teleportation to harness the sun will not work due to conservation of energy and requested a hyperspace or star gate hypothesis:

Conducting the graviton current from a gravity motor into a spiral or circular guide may create a "chronoton" vacuum.  Time particles may be swept out of the central area making distance between two points shorter.

A ring of "chronotons" supports space.  Example:  One passes around every point, not through every point, in an area.

Where do you get a gravity motor patent?  Google:  ufohowto.  BEWARE:  Antigrav unit may knock out lights, pacemakers, radiowaves, etc. Word chronoton comes from Star Trek.  "Chronotons" may or may not be real.

Anti-poverty Effects of a Hyperspace or Star Gate

1.  Hydrogen fuel cheap or free:  "Unlimited" businesses.  Total employment, if creative.  A huge drop in poverty and associated crime, if creative.  Poverty mostly gone;

2.  Agricultural-, manufacturing-, and medical technologies cheaper.  Water purification systems, such as Dean Kamen's Slingshot (Abundance by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler, YouTube), would be cheaper;

3.  With resources plentiful and strategically placed, a Run From War United Nation's Program could be implemented because resources are available and really affordable. All or most of the dictators or governments with human rights abuses would be alone and suffering a massive boycott.  War would mostly be gone;

4.  Garbage and nuclear waste could, more cheaply, be recycled or atomized.  Pollution mostly gone;

5.  Transmutation may be possible, up and down the periodic table;

6.  Mining would, of course, be revolutionized.  One could potentially mine asteroid belts or even the sun efficiently and safely;

7.  Tea Party Detour:  affordable and eventually way affordable would become a common term and break congressional gridlock;

8.  Tea Party Detour:  Immigration much more affordable;

9.  Tea Party Detour:  At-Risk Visa.  Harnessing the sun via hyper- or star gate will enable SFHG's At-Risk Visa idea:  1 free book/month, term-life policy (small, medium, large), free kindle or iPad, inexpensive laptop, cell- or smartphone programs.

How will internet service be affordable? Via library, internet cafe, technology park, projects hotspot.

How will you stop people from selling drugs, commiting crime with cell- or smartphone?  Probably talking about a small percentage of people.  A society that harnesses the sun has nearly unlimited resources.  Stealing or selling drugs is less likely.  You may do a cost-benefit analysis.

Welfare makes people lazy?  Not if you design it correctly.  Except for elderly and disabled, give people "build-fare."  Incubate antipoverty activities.  For example, gifted people, who demonstrate they can reduce poverty:  scholarships, car keys, room and board, universal healthcare card, term-life insurance (for parents), basic R&D packages (throw in a 3D printer and supplies); 

10.  People could afford to help each other much more and should be encouraged to do so. Create a Special Economic Zone.

Teach the Tea Party Site. Why it works.

Tea Party Detour:  Religious Economic Beliefs.

This section positively shifts religious beliefs to improve the economy.

There are many great holy books, but I'm going short cut here for efficiency and effect:

1. The Bible;

2. The Koran;

3.  The Serpent Power (and other books by Sir John Woodroffe).

Each subsequent book is more advanced than the previous because they are written later in time in a more evolved society.  The Serpent Power, which you'll only understand 1/2 of, difficulty due to Sanskrit and insinuations, has information of a helpful, true G-d and material is scholarly.  You'll be learning about the absolute eye, -ear, siddhis, kundalini, etc.

Here comes the shift for the Tea Party.

What does G-d want?  G-d's latest representative on Earth, Sathya Sai Baba, did a lot of public welfare projects:  Water, hospitals, universities, etc.  Dramatically increased the quality of life for ordinary people.  It's a good idea for the Tea Party to follow his example because the economy is helluv improved.

Fabrication Technology Ideas from SFHG

You need a neutron assembler, proton source, and fuser to put an atom together.  Brush up on particle physics is necessary, here.

Compact fabricator would revolutionize a United Nations' Run From War Program to "World Peace Stage II."

Searl Effect Generator

If engineers, inventors and scientist ever get the SEG working and if it doesn't cut off your electricity and play havoc with your radio, we'd have 2 revolutions.  The patent of the SEG SFHG used to have had 3 rings spinning in opposite directions.  Think it creates a graviton vacuum?

Immigration Reform

Dean Kamen's Slingshot Water Purifier (for USA & Mexico) + Immigration. California and the globe could use fantastic water- and ice age infrastructure. Hire immigrants to help do the job. Water infrastructure is also a major reason for bringing back manufacturing, as well as agriculture.  Think Great USA - Mexico Water and Ice Age Infrastructure Deal.

Giant cash bag, so don't be cheap:  Demand 4 & 6 hour work days and Universal Healthcare after building an unlimited funding source, such as a dam or 2nd dam, to support it.  Full rights and benefits!  Don't treat people you need like dirt. Water economy & Dems! Immigrants can create new economies.

For more about Dean Kamen's Slingshot Water Purifier, see Abundance by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler or just check YouTube.  Google WaterFX's Aqua4 Technology which I saw on USA Today.  YouTube to see working Seafloor Carpet from UC Berkeley as reported on ABC7NEWS.

Getting Manufacturing Jobs Back to USA

Ask the president and congress for legislation on helluv improving 3D printer technology.  For a better world, manufacturing can be ubiquitous.  Yes, manufacturing jobs will come back from China, who won't be poor either.  Print body-, housing parts, etc. for the market.

Job Creation USA

Paraphrase from Mariana Mazzucato, author of The Entrepreneurial State, on KGO810AM, early in the morning:

DARPA + bank incubation = lots of jobs.

Make the Economy Jump to the Next Level

Google:  penny4nasa.  Ask the president and congress to increase funding of NASA to 1%.  Eventually, you'll see the economy jump to the next level. NASA boosts economy, innovation and technology.

Partially Funding California

Ask YouTube to sell our videos.  Get your pencils and crayons out to show YouTube the possibilities.  Example:

5 min. sample button, The Democratic- or Republican Party Video, $.99, 5, 25, 100, etc.

The taxes from YouTube sales will fill California's coffers.

Enter the Democratic Party:  "We'll do it!  We'll use the YouTube money to crush poverty!"

Enter the Republican- and Tea Party dancing:  "FREE!" and unchained from negative special interests due to unlimited funding, factoring in the difficulties of life and helping the poor grow much more.

Changing Politics for the Economy

Use YouTube to filter candidates.

Interviewer's #1 and main question:  What are your innovative ideas?

In 30 seconds you'll know if the candidate's innovative or idiotic.  Of course, you have other qualities:  many solutions, 1 solution, average or run-of-the-mill, misguided and, of course, just plain stupid.

The idea is to get the highest quality candidates for every state of the union for the country's current problems.

SFHG calls it Reaganizing the candidate, even though President Reagan wasn't exactily perfect.  Helps the people (innovation base) survive and thrive.

United Nations' World Peace App

Save war money.

Click UNWPA icon. Select For Land or For Lives Lost during conflict.  Select Payor country (example: Israel).  Select Payee country (example:  Palestinian Territories).  Yes, you can send goods to registered users with profiles.  Select goods to send.  For Land Lost, you may select buy or donate to Great Land Purchase/Sharing Fund.  For Lives Lost select anything from donate for a new hospital to a simple box of bandages.  Aggregate receipts appear to tabs on the right:  Israel has paid a total of $N;  Palestinian Territories has paid a total of $N;  World Community (other countries) contributed a total of $N for sharing the land, water resources, etc.

When receipts equal total damages, you may convert to U.N. World Anti-Poverty App.

Abuse:  Just suspend user profile until investigation is complete.

What about torture?  Use criminal courts.

Fewer attackers:  1 by 1.

Use your imagination.

Mentors/Tutors App

Click app icon > help button > select mentor or tutor > select categories > ask your question.  Mentors and tutors are paid via taxes, college credits, rewards, economy-positive subscription and, of course, there's open source advice or comments.

List of (financial) traps in life

AARP Retirement Survival Guide by Julie Jason. Copyright 2009.  Look in Appendix D for a list of (financial) traps in life.

Sweat Equity Homeless Edition

Homeless compendium app or .gov.  How did you succeed?

Map (charts, graphs and smart art) experiences and methods for getting out of homelessness, gives a Homelessness 101 course for those at risk and places it all on a DVD-RW.  Source:  autobiographical information from people who beat homelessness.

Links the pre-homeless to all registered resources and services near their vicinity.

Lists extra books read or experiences had that made individuals successful in their professions.

General anti-poverty ideas

African Americans (or any ethnicity for that matter) + term-life insurance (mostly) = Change in 1 generation.

Start an online petition for term-life or proper policies for the poor.

SFHG beams his hologram of a California non-profit credit card with quotation marks to stretch reader imagination.  The message is a little socialism may be a good thing, especially if it increases market stability and value.  Why not put state non-profit or state owned business systems on the accounting sheets to see if they pan out. It's not total socialism.

Making that College Loan More Affordable

Google:  Income-based repayment (ibr) and/or Pay As You Earn.  Both federal programs are for North America.

Source:  Gavin Newsom's Higher Ed. magazine on Flipboard from title, Households Struggle As Education Department Lets Student Loan Borrowers Default.

Community Effect of Compounding

Take $200 (extra you have) per month.  Invest it in a good mutual fund.  You get interest, capital gains and maybe dividends; depends on the type of fund.  At the end of 20 years, you'll have enough to pay for an education, which you can use to escape poverty.

Here, you're contributing $2,400 per year, compounded annually.  Calculated at 8%:  in 20 years, you'll have $118,000; in 30 years, $293,000; and in 40 years, $671,000.  (Note: Calculations do not include taxes.)

The process is called compounding money.

If your neighborhood compounds money, there will be one big bite taken out of poverty.

See a registered financial adviser for a more complex financial plan.

Immediate Annuity

An immediate annuity can replace a pension but be sure to check how stable the insurer is.

Shelter II, National Shelter Program

Shelter II is a more advanced  shelter program.  In addition to standard funding and being green, it has its own non-profit or partial profit online market and may add services.  It functions like or with an or an eBay targeting quality of life issues where it's needed the most.

Basic idea:   Some profits from police auctions go to collateral for microloans for businesses.  Profits from businesses can go to help some shelter clients.

Shelter Ratings web site

A web site that rates shelters may be of help.  A detailed description of the shelter may bring in more clients, reduce fear, force improvements and improve accountability.  A blog may be used to gauge shelter atmosphere and services.

Fewer Babies is  Greener Flyer

Design a flyer that says Fewer Babies is Greener.  Add a theme:  Christian or Muslim, for example. Ask permission to assign it as homework.  Instructions:  Have parents comment on it.

Medicinal Victory Garden

Low- and moderate risk inmates grow non-narcotic medicinal plants.  Replaces drug dealing income through sale of medicinal plants, lowers the cost of some medications.  Extra money goes to those at risk in the community.  Of course, may auction or sell other items.

Non-profit Rx for inmates, pre- and post release

Source of income for inmate, pre- and post release, for as long as necessary.  Percentage goes to programs for those at risk in the community; for example, purchase term-life insurance.  Of course, payments can go to recompense victims.

Why help (low- and moderate risk) inmates?

Because it's cheaper:  avoids lawsuits, boosts income of the community.  Also, it stops the revolving door, being a victim of the system (no money in or out of jail, giant crime problem, homelessness, etc.)

This concludes SFHG's anti-poverty ideas.  Please add your ideas and realizations below.

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