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Anti-Poverty Sheet 2


SFHG spent the last 19 years fighting dream chemical attacks from the dumbest drug dealers and has approximately 30 methods against them. Most overlap. 11 methods to help the dumb drug dealers did not stop them from attacking. The 12th method, a 3D printer almost worked, but technology was not advanced enough.  Drug dealers need something easy to sell or replace their drugs, a high demand product or service. That's what SFHG's drug replacement economic methods are for.

Most drug dealers are not SFHG's enemies because he helps economically and financially.

Actually speaking about information from dream chemical holograms would help.  Mail public officials about the fantastic information from dream chemical holograms and say we need a $100 citation or jail time for 24 hour attacks:  flu, cold, confusion, loss of energy and itching.  A tenant's non-attack agreement is good.  Unfortunately, a $20 fine for making reasons for not reporting dream chemical attacks is necessary.

Proof dream chemical holograms are real:  2 people can write or sketch the displayed information and match results.  Just pay them $50 each to participate.  Dream chemical holograms cannot be recorded via camera. Beware of automatic lie holograms (from drug dealers).  Always double check information.

Anti-Poverty Sheet 1 was getting too long, so Anti-Poverty Sheet 2 was started. Hope readers enjoy the economic methods gallery contained here.

#1  Google Startups idea

Click on the Google Startups icon.  Enter your city, state.  To the right, Google will display all startups in chosen city on Google Maps.  Left is company information and links:  company name and address, contact, Hiring #, Funding, Jobs and Products.

Click on Hiring # to pull up and update Job Capacity screen.  Easy, Moderate and Hard with a number by job title indicating available jobs. Date of update is below.  Click on job title for job description, education and training required.

How does Google get paid for Google Startups?  Advertisements on free- and premium accounts.

#2  My Network Map App

Get your SmartArt, charts and pictures ready for Your Profession - Your Professional Network - Your Attributes!  The idea is for the person you're doing business with to know you at a glance.


  • Network:  Media type, everyone in sight of TransAmerica Pyramid
  • Enemies:  Dumbest drug dealers
  • Attributes:   Good at creating economy methods (15 standard, 13 drug, 44 Anti-Poverty Methods total on Anti-Poverty Sheets 1&2)
  • Gifted?  300 peak I.Q. at will + above average I.Q.
  • Philanthropy?  Free and innovative ideas on economy, politics, some science and some religion.  Helped 100,000+ people via holograms. 
Contact Information (safely)
Other:  Notes you would like to add.

Do not add personal information unless necessary.

#3  The Big Help Button or App on Police Site

The Big Help Button or App on police site is for 2 major categories of financial help. Many crimes are due to lack of money, so why not discuss and try to solve it.

Click on Big Help Button.

Choose Best Ideas Gallery to take out huge money problems or choose Ordinary Financial Gallery for information you may not know about.  Innovative examples: Partially fund California by Asking Apple, YouTube or State of California to to sell our videos + gross margin tax; African Americans + Term-Life Policies (mostly) = Change in 1 Generation.

Click on Ordinary Financial Gallery.  Why is a revocable living trust important? Comparison of SSDI and SSI.  What is a Supplemental- or special needs trust?

Big question mark is for 24 hour live financial help.  Video & papers falling into hat is for a significant information contribution.  Coin falling into hat is for a donation.

Starting out:  try a dozen or so award winning financial videos.

#4  Asteroid Mining
Economy method 8.  Asteroid mining via drone from Planetary Resources.  A Cannae Drive and Crossbar Technology may help.

#5  Google:  Talk, Read, Sing
Economy method 9.   Google:  Talk, Read, your 1 to 3 year old.  If you talk, read and sing to your child correctly, vocabulary can increase to an average of 22,000 words which helps with job, career and therefore economy.  It's also a glass ceiling breaking method.

#6  Ambassador Drones Save Helluv Money!
Constructed with Crossbar Technology and Israeli Storedot battery, the U.N. Ambassador drone lands in Gaza.  A dime-thin monitor or unrolls or projection beams on to wall.  U.N. logos, Israeli and Palestinian flags appear, then Ambassador's image and voice pops up: Hotspot!  Wi-Fi antenna unfolds, map for food, water, medical aid and, of course, political solutions.
While everybody's eating and drinking, Ambassador advertises:  Download and and try out our U.N. World Peace- and Israeli-Palestinian Justice Apps.

Gazan:  We are against Zionism.
Ambassador's Staff:  General or Liberal Zionism offered you more rights than PLO and may do so again, if people vote on it.


Ambassador's Staff:  Do you have a solution for stopping rockets & the bombing or seeking justice for the 3 Israeli and 1 Palestinian children murdered? If I were P.M. and with no other justice options available, I would execute only 3 or 1 enemy for murdering children and not go on a killing spree.  Also unfortunately, a small drone that could shoot bullets, small explosive and short range communications jamming device versus bombing a "hospital with military command center."

The idea is, via drone, to speak to the Israeli and Palestinian peoples about collaborating on saving as many lives and as much property as possible.

#6a  Domestic Ambassador Drones and Robots

The functions of domestic ambassador drones and robots are mostly to combat poverty and improve the economy.  A robot can distribute thin tablet computers and a very small drone (size of a lady bug) could serve as a hotspot.

A first responder- or 211 robot can be a guide to Google Startups idea and Police Big Help Button App.  Asking about Candidate Hopeful's Economic/Financial Methods would bring you to a YouTube video with markers and whiteboard session.  For Ferguson, Mo. a robot can advertise 1 button justice or evidence idea: camcorder button on back of a smartphone. If a problem is ongoing, an app may be introduced via drone to connect the local population to a chart or Excel spreadsheet of what the ethics committee and officials think and what actions they're taking.  Add a list of 
popular purposes in life: inexpensive water, 4&6 hour work days, affordable universal health care, etc.

Drones & robots can help with educational and business opportunities. Special economic zoning can help.

All is funded by the dropping price of current- and via exponential technologies which will open the door to a new economy for the poor.

#7  Superior Prison System: The Jail Band Special Economic Zone

Economy Method 7.  E-Jail Band strapped to wrist, replaces ankle bracelet. 
Thin, flexible monitor.  Flexi-tablet.  Storedot battery.  Paid for by traditional jail rent.  Reform:  Social Responsibility Advertisements showing how inmates can improve their lives, giving them many purposes in life.  I also recommend using Dean Kamen's Slingshot Water Purifier, Seafloor Carpet, WaterFX's Aqua4 technology and SimpleWater's ECAR System (as reported in Abundance the book, by ABC7NEWS and USA Today respectively).

Purpose 1:  4 & 6 hour work days.
How button on E-Jail Band:  Build a dam at the CA-Mexico border, subsidy to inmates and residents used to reduce the # of hours they need to work.
Join button:  Relocates you to CA-Mexico border construction zone with benefits like a life policy.

Purpose 2:  Universal Healthcare
How button:  Build a 2nd dam at the TX-Mexico border, subsidy of Universal Healthcare.

Purpose 3:  Vertical or innovative farms with 4 water devices above.

Purpose 4:  3D printing everywhere.

Purpose 5:  Start-ups & 1-Stop Career App.

Purpose 6:  Virtual Education Center.  Google Glass or gaming goggles.

E-Jail band can download apps and has a 24 hour help button.  For example, you can download a mentors & tutors app.

Let your imagination run!  You're going to the border to get rich, not be a slave.

#8  Water Devices 1/2 Sheet for Officials

Drug Replacement Economy Method 13.

Dear Governor...,

Invest in these:  Dean Kamen's Slingshot Water Purifier, UC Berkeley's Seafloor Carpet (YouTube), WaterFX's Aqua4 technology (Google), SimpleWater's Electrochemical Arsenic Remediation (ECAR) System...

Proceeds from water devices grow into these examples:

  • Term-Life Insurance and e-reader/tablet & book subsidies for the eventually to be rich homeless
  • Return of Manufacturing
  • Universal Healthcare from water revenue
  • Funds for housing and construction technology
  • Free college subsidies (economy method 11), if you invest in commodities, etc.
Of course, you could ask any mayor to invest in water devices.

Water is money!  The more money you have, the more good you can do with it.
(Sources:  Slingshot from Abundance the book, Seafloor Carpet and SimpleWater from ABC7NEWS and WaterFX from USA Today.)

#9  Economy Star Rating

Economy Method 10.

This is an organization's greed rating.

1 star = totally greedy organization.  Does virtually nothing positive for average or poor people.  Avoid.

5 stars = economic powerhouse.  Manages to help the world, especially average or poor people.  Help grow.


  • Dems:  3-1/2 stars for using executive power to move the economy forward
  • Reps:  2-1/2 stars for resisting right wing extremism and compromising
  • Tea Party:  1 star for cutting food stamps

#10 Gridlock Key

Economy method 12.  Ask a candidate to post his or her economy methods on YouTube: Sample view button, candidate name and donation or fee button.

The economy methods listing allows voters to see the meat, what a candidate can do for them at 1 glance. Filters out the candidates with little or nothing to give the public. Political consensus (agreeing) will go way up!

Add reason for Economy Star Rating as a commentary.

#11 Food Bank 2

Economy Method 13.  Food Bank 2 not only takes donations, it sells products; proceeds go back to supporting operations.  It has drones and robots like  For the poor it has government special economic zoning & profit subsidized internet.  Food Bank 2 app enhances profits.

#12 Utility Patent Support App

Economy method 14.  List your utility patent or idea on the Utility Patent Support App.  For example, the 4 water devices on this blog.  Link & update YouTube video of your plans:  Tell everybody what you need and how it will benefit the world economy.  Patrons enter donation or investment amount.  Negotiations come through secured e-mail.

Add donations and subsidies to pay for legal services and other support an inventor may need.

#13 Immigration Solution Update

Shuffle the 4 water devices mentioned on this blog through Food Bank 2 to all 50 states and the world.  Take a small percentage of water proceeds to subsidize investments in immigrants at USA - Mexico border.  Add legislation to make border a special economic zone.  Presto!  An extra economy is born, a Double Mint later!

#14 Rent Subsidies- and Gentrification Solution

Connect the 4 water devices mentioned above to the ocean.

Use water revenue to invest in the following:  Water infrastructure, oil, natural gas, biofuels, utilities, construction equipment & supplies, insurance and REITs.  A reader said to diversify investments for safety vs. investing in companies and commodities directly related to housing.

Use revenue from investments to subsidize rent and end gentrification.

#15 Seed Bombs for Bees

Economy Method 15.

In addition to removing pesticides and other factors which cause colony collapse disorder, bees need food.  Drop an eco-friendly seed bomb on soil and flowers eventually start growing there.  Bees come to lunch and population grows!

Seed Bombs' package should label which of 6 USA regions it's for.

Seed Bombs' can also be used for reforestation.

SFHG 1st heard about seed bombs on KCBS 740.

GOOGLE:  Seed Bombs for Bees

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