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Economy Super Methods Notes 2015

This 2015 update is for non-attacking drug dealers and economy method fans.  Scroll down to Gallery or #1 to see new or updated economy ideas. Modify and mail them.

San Francisco Hologram Guy Update

Because SFHG boycotted drugs in 1995 with giant dream chemical holograms, he is still under dream chemical attack from the dumbest neighborhood drug dealers who can't speak to each other in voice about psychic powers.  Holographic negotiations still ineffective. SFHG's network says the media, other non-attacking drug dealers and business community may be reporting negatively on the dumbest drug dealers.  Too bad attacking drug dealers are trying murder attempts with mental psychic powers versus legendary astral powers: HA HA HA HA HA.  SFHG's suffering 5 symptoms mostly:  loss of energy, confusion, itching, flu and cold.  There are a lot more symptoms on the 1996 Survey of Symptoms in this blog's archive, but attack intensity depends on dream chemical concentration.

SFHG often lies to attacking drug dealers and f-worders (really mean hologramers and voicers) about having weapons to fend them off.


#1  Amazon Investments App

Economy Super Method 26 of 48.

Click on the Investments App.  Listed are check boxes for Municipal Bonds for Advanced Water Devices and Facilities, and DrugSmart Fund.  1st one is self-explanatory. DrugSmart invests in $ 0.99 video games, other apps, term-life policies and Food Bank 2 on Anti-Poverty Sheet 2.  Proceeds go to Advanced Water Devices and Facilities Fund. Jobs and some profits go back to the community.

Advanced Water Devices and Facilities Sources:Google:  10 Companies Making Big Waves in Water Innovation | GreenBiz
Abundance the  Book by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler for Dean Kamen's Slingshot Water Purifier
ABC7NEWS for UC Berkeley's Seafloor Carpet SimpleWater's ECAR System
USA Today for WaterFX's Aqua4 Technology
Abundance the  Book by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler for Dean Kamen's Slingshot Water PurifierABC7NEWS for UC Berkeley's Seafloor Carpet SimpleWater's ECAR SystemUSA Today for WaterFX's Aqua4 Technology

#8 on Anti-Poverty Sheet 2:  Water Devices 1/2 Sheet for Officials

#2  3D YouTube College + Water Devices

Economy Super Method 23 or 48.

SFHG's network says YouTube is planning to sell videos from the public.  Finally!  After 2 years of asking!  Invest proceeds in Advanced Water Devices and Facilities, and YouTube College Instruction Videos.  Profits go to R&D 3D projector computer with standard 3D glasses.  Produce and sell 3D YouTube videos.  Fund Municipal Bonds for Advanced Water Devices and Facilities at universities.  Make water locations a manufacturing magnet.  Boost the economy!

#3  Automated & Robotic Help for Community and Economy

Economy Super Method 24 or 48 Update.

Seesaw!  Robot left, worker right.  Robot outweighs worker taking his job.  Enter .gov & .org buying stock in the company.  Weight of cash bags & plans on worker's side, now. Robot assistant smiles and slides down to worker's side.

Give the population as many free tools as possible to support themselves.  Raises quality of life, reduces insurance cost and increases likelyhood of new technologies.

As for laziness, a handful for 5 minute anti-laziness how-to YouTube videos may work. Title examples:  Purpose in life #1, Advanced Water Devices & Facilities; #2  4 & 6 hour work days; #3  Universal Healthcare;  #4  Insurance Bundle;  #5 Vertical Farms.  Add adequate prizes and awards for not being lazy.

Help with which companies will may be successful.  The following are on YouTube:

What Matters Most in Startup Success (Bill Gross):  5 most important factors in startup success.  The meat starts at 5 minutes 40 seconds or skip to the chart at 8 minutes 17 seconds.

What Bill Gross of Idealab learned from his failures in starting 100 companies:  Talks about your Team (EPAI). That's your Entreprenuer, Producer, Admin and Integrator.  The meat starts at 9 minutes 40 seconds. At 11 minutes Bill Gross elaborates on EPAI.

#4  Babysitters Talk, Read and Sing Gift Card

Economy 24 of 48 Update.

MasterCard Gift Card with ellipsis, book, music note and STEM on it.For babies age 1 to 3, add an average of 22K words.  # of CEOs more likely to increase which means # of jobs go up, breaks in the glass ceiling, reduction in importance of race and crime, better race relations.

Upgrade nurseries for a more educated workforce and better economy.

Sources:  Saw Hillary Clinton promoting Talk, Read, Sing on YouTube.  Also, barely caught Talk, Read, Sing on KGO810AM.

#5  United Nations' World Peace App

Economy Super Method 2 of 48 Update.

Save war money.

Click UNWPA icon. Select For Land or For Lives Lost during conflict.  Select Payor country (example: Israel).  Select Payee country (example:  Palestinian Territories).  Yes, you can send goods to registered users with profiles.  Select goods to send.  For Land Lost, you may select buy or donate to Great Land Purchase/Sharing Fund.  For Lives Lost select anything from donate for a new hospital to a simple box of bandages.  Aggregate receipts appear to tabs on the right:  Israel has paid a total of $N;  Palestinian Territories has paid a total of $N;  World Community (other countries) contributed a total of $N for sharing the land, water resources, etc.

When receipts equal total damages, you may convert to U.N. World Anti-Poverty App.

Abuse:  Just suspend user profile until investigation is complete.

What about torture?  Use criminal courts.

Fewer attackers:  1 by 1.

Use your imagination.  Add a non-military technology share button for allies or friendly nations.

#6  Twitter Upgrade

140 + word bubble containing ellipsis.  Apps tab on right side.

Click on ellipsis example:   The rest of your message appears.  A photo of a protest banner with a schematic of your solution appears.  Readers may click on prize ribbon.  The vetting button appears with enough clicks.  Press it and your idea will be considered for a prize.

Click on apps tab example:  Protest-Solution Art App and artist directory banners appear. Ad or ad-free with premium.

#7  United Nations' Helpbots

Recent improved battery technology make U.N. Helpbots possible.

A roaming phonebot can help during emergencies, for personal, business or recreation. Make a touchscreen selection or say phone, Skype, e-mail, Google or games.

Eventually, say U.N. Run from War App when the economy gets that good!

#8  Community Flexiband Computer

To highlight it's potential, SFHG stripped this flexible computer from The Jail Band Special Economic Zone on Anti-Poverty Sheet 2.

The Community Flexiband is a thin, flexible bracelet and -battery.  It prevents community problems by offering quick solutions via it's apps:

  • Amazon Food Bank or Food Bank 2:  Sliding scale for pantry products, tier-priced internet service, selectable % donation for full-priced item goes to pantry programs.
  • Amazon Investments:  DrugSmart Fund invests in $0.99 games and apps, Advanced Water Devices Mutual Fund, Food Bank 2 and term-life policies.
  • Big Help App:  From Anti-Poverty Sheet 2, 12 award winning economy and financial methods videos.
  • Purposes in Life App:  5 minute how-to or goal videos for combating laziness and giving hope. Goals included are 4 & 6 hour work days, Universal Healthcare, Universal Insurance, Advanced Water Devices, Vertical Farm Subsidies, Rent Subsidies, Free College via commodity sales.
  • Team App: Collaborate with important people in your life, equivalent of your Entreprenuer, Producer, Admin and Integrator (Bill Gross Video)

#9  Community Helpbot

Your 24 hour roving neighborhood helper:

Sliding scale internet, phone, beacon, 3D lecturer and 24 hour live help. 

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