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Economy Methods Notes for January 2018

This gigantic post adds 13 economy methods + other assistance to an existing 71 for a total of 84.  Scroll down to GALLERY to start the party!

SFHG Sci-Fi ideas

My readers tell me Star Trek Discovery is considering using a couple of my ideas. Here's some gift ideas to help the Star Trek Universe along!

Additions or adjustments to Kahless the Unforgettable

  • Fight corruption (with exponential technologies)! Parallel: 100% good Communist China vs. 70% good.
  • Higher % rehabilitation/Lower % punishment due to availability of greater education and resources in the future. For example, a Kahless' holographic justice app with well rounded options to violence.
  • Talk, read and sing antigrav drone for very young Klingons.
  • Bitcoin, blockchain decentralized equivalent to handle terrorism problems.
Resource Wars
  • Harness the power of the entire sun via bottles, force fields and portals.
  • Dramaticallly increase water device and seed farms in strategic locations to prevent war.
  • Antigrav makes massive apartment complexes possible.
Temporal Rescue Drones
  • Looks like gravitons can be controlled! Take 2 graviton eddy currents, oppostite rotations to create a greater chronoton vacuum ( fewer time "particles") or -density (more time "particles").
  • Adjustment to the temporal directive: Do exponential good!
New Technology that Restores Hope
  • String Hopping Engine for Pan Dimensional Radio: listen to an interview with an angelic Q or change the channel on a demonic Q who has nothing useful to say!
  • Borrow a psychic energy charge from a nice Q.  Zap up a clairvoyant, clairaudient radio. Scope copious useful information from family oriented spirits.
That's it for now! Have fun with advances in government in the Gallery section below!

SFHG Update

Don't worry about weapons!  They're all magical and sci-fi! Get details from people being mean to me! Probably on pot!

Afraid of the hologram of the black disk wiping out 1/2 of USA on the TransAmerica Pyramid? It's the symbolism you say! It symbolizes RoboGodzilla Mark 2's, not MechaGodzilla, blackhole attack combined with Sailor Moon's Wand!

What are they smoking!?!

The dumbest drug dealers and mean people are doing 24 hour DCS attacks on me! On and off violent holographic arguments and, of course, the occasional murder threat!

I'll call the police if a gun shows up (for holographically boycotting their stupid drugs)!

Thanks for tweeting to authorities the dumbest drug dealers shot holographic Garfield which happened more than once!

Trouble from the Russian spy stopped! From the spy's thoughts floating in the air, in DCS holographic words, his superiors told him to leave me alone because I was solving gigantic (Russian) problems.

Finding a way to handle the death threat from the Houthi Rebel caller was not that difficult for me. All I had to do was hologram a invitation ticket to solve a gigantic problem of his choice using cherry picked exponential technologies and my 300 peak IQ realizations.

"Israeli Arabs have more rights than in Arab Countries."
"Imam says they do not."
"They chop off hands."
"They actually chop off heads."
"Can you solve the Israeli-Palestinian Problem?"
"K1 drone can reduce Israeli checkpoint long line complaints!"
Holographic video: West Bank Palestinan in a car with a Pizza Hut Pizza and KFC zipping past checkpoint after a few seconds K1 weapons scan and smartphone clearance by an Israeli guard."

It's gotten better since marijuana was legalized in January! Impacted the dumbest drug dealers! DCS attacks reduced!

Palestinians: How much do you suffer under occupation? | Corey Gil-Shuster
Published October 31, 2015
77,805 subscribers


1. H-1B Visa Support App with eCitizenship and frills

  • Genius support app saves USA economy!
  • Stronger and more perfect union!
  • Terrorism proof!  Allows more time to vet the applicant or election to stay in his native country.
  • DCS tool:  With applicant permission, "Build a cookie on the terrorist." Caveat: Infomation needs to be corroborated.

2. New Drone Ideas

  • K1 backpack drone from Knightscope, Inc. Caveat: Doesn't exist yet. Miniaturization needed. Detects bombs, knives, anomalies. Use K1 drone at Israeli checkpoints and events to reduce Palestinian inconvenience complaints. Long lines zilched. 
  • U.N. Talk, Read & Sing Ambassador drones: TRSA
    TRSA caretaking: Talks, Reads and Sings to 1 to 3 year olds
    Balanced Israeli News: "Israeli Arabs have more rights than in Arab countries."
    Untwist Islam in 30 seconds
    Prepaid Udemy, Teachable and Skillshare courses
    Prepaid books: Nanci L. Danison books advice. Start at for a list of Tables of Contents of questions about life. Nanci L. Danison had an NDE and went further than most people. Came back with % of G-d's memory. % of G-d's memory vs. words from an archangel. Kindle editions and Amazon Used tab save the most money.
  • Mentor app: information from great teachers who care
  • Tutor app: information from students who care
  • Cryptocurrencies function: bypasses corruption with decentralization requirement
  • Fundraising app: worldwide crowdfunding, Pennies4AmbassadorDrones
  • eVoting App:  register citizen votes and non-citizen opinions
  • K1 Shield Drone & Gateway to protect buildings from unauthorized aircraft
  • Ambassador Drone with bitcoin + VISA  bank: Free Space Optical Communication Boxes (FSOC) to replace laying fibre optic cable

Exploring a New Approach to Connectivity, Abundance Insider: December 29 Edition, Spotted and Written by Marissa Brassfield

links to

Exploring a new approach to connectivy
Baris Erkmen

Free Space Optical Communications

Lead, X
Dec 14, 2017

3. New App Ideas

  • Israeli-Palestinian Mutual Fund App

    Instant multilateral peace
    Full rights possible
    Great Land (Re)purchase: Pay all parties conditionally to stop the war. Giant .mil savings
    Bitcoin, Blockchain Safety: corruption bypass to the average people
    World funding button
  • Antipoverty Apps with videos and prizes for Palestinians
  • San Francisco Investment App

    Exponential water technologies
    SF is surrounded 3 sides by water
    Good for Silicon Valley 2 foundation

  • CIA Finks App: up to 5 smiling- or frowning stars biz rating
  • Funio (for Africa) App: with cryptocurrency option
  • Safe Jail Cash Technologies R&D
  • Drug Cash Alternative R&D
  • Think Tank University App for Biz Survival

A forgotten ancient grain that could help Africa prosper | Pierre Thiam
Published September  27, 2017

4. Desalination Technologies

  • Reliable One Resources

    Desalination via graphene flakes and membrane at 1/9 the current cost of current systems
    Oil and water separation technology

    The Biggest Breakthrough in Desalination | Money Show
    Feb 13, 2017
    Cause of Oklahoma earthquakes starts at 4:30 seconds

    San Francisco! I strongly advise you to build a desalination plant with Reliable One Resources Technology. Their oil and water separation technology is also a wise investment. Climate change, can't expect it to rain on schedule, growing population and you want Silicon Valley 2.

  • Making Clean Water with a Spark of Electricity | Korneel Rabaey

    June 7, 2016

    Electricity driven bioconversions; chlor-alkali process produces caustic soda and chlorine; prepares 1/3 chemicals in Europe; feed bacteria that convert CO2 into valuable products (acetic acid, aviation fuel, vinegar, polymers); produce chemicals locally; combat sewer corrosion and explosions; safe water in Indian slums

  • Chaitanya Karamchedu

    hydrogel based desalination
    polymer that absorbs water
    using saponified starch grafted polyacrylamides hydrophilic properties to harvest fresh water with low energy and chemical footprint

  • Electrochemically Mediated Seawater Desalination
    GoBeats News, Published on 7/2/13

    Try an Xprize to see who can get really close to 100% desalination with this device.
    University of Marburg in Germany, University of Texas in Austin.
    Electrode that can run on a store bought battery is used to remove salt from ocean water.
    3 volts, 25% desalination, membrane-free method

  • Futurism: Art Meets Tech
    Gorgeous Solar-Powered Pipe Can Desalinate 1.5 Billion Gallons of Seawater

    Author Jasmine Solana
    Editor Sarah Marquart

5. Subsidized Internet and Income Methods Resources

For the other drug dealers who didn't DCS attack SFHG.

Melecia at Home

196 Videos
74,483 Subscribers
Single parents flex jobs, some jobs that require no experience
List of job web sites below video
Time index of subject talked about

155 Videos
58,763 Subscribers
Work @ home jobs, some require no experience
List of job web sites below video
Time index of subject talked about

Justin Bryant Videos
542 Videos
131,057 Subscribers
Video notes ate linked below video displayed

10 Free Apps that Will make Your Smartphone Pay for Itself
How to Make a Full-time Income from Free Smartphone Apps
Justin Bryant 13 Apps
Justin Bryant 1530
Justin Bryant 110656

6. Rent a Friend vs. Prostitution

Recommend patrons increase education, languages spoken, and/or skills. You want to be a valuable friend.

$50/hour. Up to $2,000 per week.

10 Weird Ways to make Extra Money on the Side in 2018
Justin Bryant
Rent a friend is item #1 at 32 seconds.

7. Useful DCS Tools and Attacks

Antiterrorism Club

Build a cookie on the terrorist
Show new bomb
Show next bomb

Slip Drugs Attack - SFPD Version
X-ray Drugs Attack -  FBI Version

DCS Holographic List Attack vs. Terrorist in a crowd
Automatic Security (List Attack)

Twitter Attacks

Antiterrorism Cookie
Google Map Location Arrow

Converting a terrorist or Helping a lot of People

DCS Holographic video on a Skyscraper
Cashmojis: $M, $B, $T, The Mint

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