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Climate Change Solution + 7 More Water Devices (July 2017)

Economy methods fans! Scroll down to GALLERY for the climate change solutions and additional 7 water devices.

SFHG:  EMF Device Hoax Alert!

This time some idiot phoned KGO810AM, hopefully not UP to 30 again, and said I have an EMF device! It's a hoax! Intel: Always ask for DETAILS! I hope it was not my Virus Chip vs. Hackers idea that sparked it! A responding Russian Spy FSB didn't like it and DCS attacked me. Lucky my 71 super economy methods were worth more than the virus chip!

Here's why it's a hoax:
  • My previous blog post on helping Israel and Palestinian Territories/State mentions Antiterrorism Club a few times.
  • Poverty! EMF device cost a lot! I'm not funded!
  • I thought an EMF device was machinery in a suitcase with a button when pressed shuts down lights.
  • Garfield in a frock with Sailor Moon's wand blacking out 1/2 the USA is obviously not real! Images of a gun don't work on drug dealers, f-worders and mean people (who don't use f-word holograms but just have to get in their stupid 2 cents after a DCS attack!)
  • The dumbest drug dealers decided to never stop attacking me after I boycotted their drugs (via DCS hologram) for attacking the public.
  • Ordinary people failed to report DCS attacks for 20+ years!
  • Getting the public to tweet DCS attack complaints (#sfpd, #NSA) works if you add a joke!
Sailor Moon's wand may have scared you if you didn't instantly realize that it's not real! Sometimes I underscore the frock, Garfield and wand to emphasize the fakeness!

Fire the first responders who believe the moon wand or whatever it represents is real! Next let go the people who believe pin bombs, which I never hologram, are real!

I'm fighting the dumbest drug dealers without weapons!

Antidrug Attack Holograms:

  • Blockchan vs. Drugs
  • Black Box (camcorders) + Solar Security for cars
  • Smartphone + up arrow: swipe up for camcorder
  • Keychain camcorder
  • vs. drugs: DCS attack that reveals drug hiding place as a DCS hologram
  • Afghans grow medicine! You need water devices and maybe Liquid NanoClay. Holistic Planning and Grazing help.
Balance: Drug Income Replacement Holograms

Remember! For the average drug dealer, drug profits aren't worth that much in profits. Can't sell when you're sick, there's inclement weather or family problems. You need lots of passive, not active income.

Where to get passive income:

Justin Bryant Income Videos. He has 409 videos as of this writing.

You need internet for this to work. Otherwise, you'll have to find a job the hard-, traditional way or through your city web site's jobs & training links!

YouTube Search Box Options:

  • Justin Bryant No Work
  • Justin Bryant PayPal
  • Justin Bryant College
  • Justin Bryant 14 free music
  • Justin Bryant 8 - 8 Work at Home Jobs That Won't be Replaced by Tech
  • Justin Bryant Amazon or Facebook
Goal is full broadband internet with smartphone and "optional" audio/video equipment for YouTube-, podcast-, WordPress Blog Star or items sometimes repeated in Justin Bryant's Income Videos:
  • Udemy,Teachable or Skillshare for teaching: I recommend Udemy. (Caveat: large discounts)
  • fiverr, Upwork (for professionals), (for freelancers) and for P/T or F/T.
Will improve the above resources for passive income.


1. Climate Change Solution YouTube Videos:

  • Seth Itzkan
  • Joel Salatin
  • Allan Savory
  • Sheldon Frith
  • Tony Lovell
In order of difficulty, climate change solutions from TEDxTalks.

Increase biodiversity: Herds and livestock, etc. Implement Holistic Planning and Planned Grazing over 5 continents for healthy grasslands which sequester carbon from the atmosphere and store it in 1/2 the grasslands. This has a cooling and positive effect on the weather and long-term climate.

The above is for 2013.  It's now 2017.

Biochar and Liquid NanoClay can help!

Drone seed-bombing is new!

Reversing global warming with livestock?: Seth Itzkan at TEDxSomerville
Published on May 24, 2012
L 7:53

  • If you are busy, have little time, Seth Itzkan will give you an easy to understand overview.
  • at 4 minutes: Chart of Root System of Prairie Plants
  • at 5:05 minutes: Chart of Animals, Grass and Soil Cycle
Cows, Carbon and Climate|Joel Salatin at TEDxCharlottesville
Published January 14,2016
L 17:05

  • at 11:15 minutes: The data points that inpugn the lowly cow as the destroyer of planet have the wrong object to have a problem with.
  • at 15:05 minutes: animals access only a tiny spot each day and create a mosaic pattern...we've got moles and voles, bird nesting sites, continuous mosaic of polination
How to green the world's deserts and reverse climate change|Allan Savory, TEDxTalks
Published March 4, 2013
L 22:20

  • Allan Savory simplifies Holistic Management and Planned Grazing Solution for Climate Change
  • at 14:30 minutes: Holistic Planned Grazing
  • at 15:56 minutes: increase cattle and goats by 400%
  • at 19:42 minutes: Climate Change Solution described
Response to Mic. The Vegan Allan Savory Lies (also a part 2), Sheldon Frith, Published February 26, 2016
Part 1: L 13:58
Part 2: L 6:07
  • Helps to clarify Allan Savory's How to green the world deserts and reverse climate change
  • Debunks Mic. The Vegan's 2 videos
Soil Carbon--Putting carbon back where it belongs--In the Earth
Tony Lovell at TEDxDubbo
Published September 10, 2011

L 20:46
  • at 19:05 minutes: It's the ecology, stupid! list
  • at 19:11 minutes: Hierarchy of Ecosystem Functionality Chart
Reduce biodiversity leads to negative changes in weather. Long-term: negative changes in climate.

Increase biodiversity leads to positive changes in weather. Long-term: positive changes in climate.

Biochar: The Oldest New Thing You've Never Heard Of: Wae Nelson at TEDxOrlando
Published November 11, 2012

L 9:47
  • Biochar is affordable and makes soil fertile
  • at 7:33 minutes: Biochar is carbon negative vs. neutral or reduces carbon footprint
iiSC Bangalore Scientist are experimenting with drone seed-bombing, and hope to plant a forest
Abundance Insider June 23 Edition, 6/23/17, spotted by Gaetan Soltesz, written by Sydney Fulkerson, links to, June 14, 2017, Sriram Sharma

2. Additional 7 water devices

For India, Israel & Palestinian Territories/State.

SFHG: Thanks to Sathya Sai Baba for solving 2 helluv difficult long-term problems for me! In return, I'll help India, starting with 15 water devices and associated technologies.

Note: SFHG's United Nations' World Peace App idea has a secret key. It's funded by water devices. Other funding sources are possible of course.

Economy Methods Notes January 2016, Gallery Item 1: Helping the other drug dealers contains 8 water devices + 2 associated technologies. Located in the Blog Archive 2015 link, 
indexed in the upper right corner of this blog.

Keep developing water technologies until fabrication or production of water in outer space is possible!

Device Pulls Water From Dry Air, Powered Only By The Sun
Abundance Insider, April 27 Edition; Spotted by Aryadeep S. Acharya; Written by Sydney Fulkerson; 4/27/2017

Links to; Posted April 13, 2017; Source: by Robert Sanders, University of California

Graphene-Based Sieve Turns Seawater Into Drinking Water
Abundance Insider, April 7 Edition; Spotted by Khalid Salih and Rowan Duys; Written by Sydney Fulkerson; 3 April 2017

Links to; BBC News; By Paul Rincon, Science Editor, BBC News website

This Ultra Cheap Material Uses Sunlight to Purify Drinking Water
Abundance Insider, February 10 Edition; Spotted by Aryadeep S. Acharya; Written by Sydney Fulkerson; 2/10/2017

Links to; by Adele Peters; 1.31.17

Graphene "Biofoam" Makes Filthy Water Drinkable
Abundance Insider, August 5 Edition; Spotted by Aryadeep S. Acharya; 8/5/2016

Links to; Posted by Erika Ebsworth-Goold-WUSTL; July 27, 2016

Scientist Make Seawater Drinkable, Produce 6.3 Million Liters a Day
Abundance Insider, May 6 Edition; Spotted by Marissa Brassfield; 5/6/2016

Links to; Written by Pallava Bagla; Updated May 06, 2016

Purify Water by Shaking Out Nanomaterials
Abundance Insider, December 18 Edition; Spotted by Marissa Brassfield; 12/18/2015

Links to
Shaking out the nanomaterials: a new method to purify water; December 10, 2015

StarStream Gives Tap Water Ultrasonic Cleaning Power
Abundance Insider, November 27 Edition; Spotted by Marissa Brassfield; 11/27/2015

Links to
By Infusing H2O with Ultrasonic Bubbles, StarStream Gives Tap Water Incredible Cleaning Power
By Chloe Olewitz; Posted November 17, 2015

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