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Economy Methods for the President (October 2016)

Economy methods fans! Scroll down to the gallery area below.

2 fricken AM and 24 hour- or automatic attacks!  The dumbest drug dealers and f-worders are coming within 1/2 a block of my apartment and beaming f-words, UZI, walking target and just plain mean things holograms. I'm feeding them crap info. on weather control to fend them off. The idiots who patronize the cafe down the street phoned KGO810AM Up to 30 trying to get me arrested for opposing drugs.

Previously the complaint was for NOVA Star Safety Field (which is a force field) and TOS Star Trek Planet Killer with Garfield or Angry Bird with radar dish which some crazy woman and "former" drug dealers deliberately changed into NOVA Star Bomb and KGO listeners thought was a Planet Killer Suitcase Bomb, respectively. Both are obviously not possible because they're sci-fi. I never use the word bomb! It's irresponsible. Handling the problem sucked up 2 weeks! I do important work.

The drug dealers fooling Ronn Owens was not very nice! The audacity to phone any KGO810AM program for their drugs!

I'm tired of seeing drug support- and that lie hologram, "I don't believe in psychic powers." Do not give a psychic induction to criminals!  Make sure they don't cause trouble and do benefit society! Prerequisite: Ask how they are going to benefit society first!

No mention of me mostly using Garfield, pie cannons and boycott drugs holograms to defend myself from Dream Chemical Spray Attacks which the public calls psychic powers.

The local massive drug boycott via DCS holograms must be impacting their bottom line. I try to target the DCS attackers as much as possible. I help the majority of drug dealers with economy and financial methods. There's just a small percentage of dumb drug dealers.

I'm still having trouble with anybody-customer, 1 employee (not the chef who is very nice) former drug dealer from the cafe down the street DCS attacking me for 8 of 21 years. Not sure who it is.

Restaurants in the North Beach and Chinatown area kept up DCS attacks until 2005, got me into an argument and fight with my aunt for yelling at them which landed me in jail for 17 months.  They're freaking out now because I'm back boycotting their drugs and exposing their DCS abuse.

No response to my Supervisor Scott Wiener and ABC7 Broadcast Center letters.


Helping yet another POTUS and the World!

1.  Closing the Gates of Hell for 1000 years Technical Method

Actually reader requested!

ETF Ingredients:

  • 7+ water devices from blog post below this one: Economy Methods Notes January 2016
  • Liquid NanoClay for crop yield of up to 4x or CropBox and similar companies (1)
  • Sell some of the crops for Universal Healthcare
  • Oil & Gas:  Reverse Photosynthesis
  • Power source for the millenium:
    Liquid Flouride Thorium Reactor (LFTR) or similar low-trouble reactor;
    Fusion Reactor:  Check out Taylor Wilson on YouTube using a fusor (Wikipedia) for this one
  • Automation, drones and robots
Actually more than 1000 years if asteroids are mined or dig deeper.

Government investment in an ETF of the above for the poor, middle class and the rich. Tremendous increase in free social services so we can all move on to better lives and new inventions.

Suffering from disease, starvation, thirst and resource wars is reduced causing the Gates of Hell to close!

(1) 10 Companies Feeding the Urban Farming Boom by Lauren Hepler; Friday, September 11, 2015; 2:32 AM; GreenBiz

2.  Democrat World E-tip

From a democrat economy methods fan who visits the cafe down the street.

Buy something on Amazon or other participating biz. At check out click the E-tip box. Select amount to donate. Click Details:  Exponential tech companies crowdfund and ETF. An exponential tech company has at least 1 utility patent for creating helluv jobs, tax base and unlimited funding for the free world.

If you want to weight the ETF or invest on your own, ask Google to register all exponential tech companies for crowdfund and stockfund buttons user interface.  I'm sure Singularity University could help locate most exponential tech companies.

3.  GOP Gentrification Soulution

From a Republican economy methods fan who visits the cafe down the street.

Use Reverse Photosyntheisis to build a supply of oil and gas.  Sell some of the oil and gas to fund housing construction and services.

4.  World Currency Support

Surplus Ingredients:

  • Reverse Photosynthesis:  Oil and gas
  • Liquid NanoClay & CropBox:  up to 4x the crops
  • Water devices
  • Automation,drones and robots
Accumulate and store each for your new gold standard.

Ask citizens to contribute or invent something to make the world a better place.

Gains are greater than the laziness and social problems.

5.  CO2 Dissociation Technology

You want David G. Yurth of the Nova Institute of the Technology for his low cost, energy efficient and light weight device that eliminates all exhaust fumes, not just CO2:

Corona Discharge Gas Plasma Dissociation System (TM)

Good for Big Rigs and factories!

Coast to Coast AM:  Sunday, July 17, 2016
YouTube:  Breakthrough CO2 Technology,  November 15, 2015 with David Yurth

5a.  CO2 into Ethanol

Process will remove CO2 from atmosphere, but exhaust fumes from ethanol combustion go back into the air. That being said, the process is cheap, efficient, and scalable, meaning it could remove large amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Abundance Insider: October 28 Edition, Spotted by Daniel Trakell, Kane Kennon, Jamie McLellan. Written by Sydney Fulkerson.

Scientist Accidentally Discover Efficient Process to Turn CO2 into Ethanol by Avery Thompson, October 17, 2016. Oakridge National Laboratory in Tennessee.

Using Devil's Milk to Kill Superbugs. SciShow on YouTube, October 28,2016. See 2nd half of video.

6.  Coast2CoastRx

Discount on healthcare, prescriptions and veterinary services.

Upper right hand corner>Click on Click Here for your Free Card>Your state>County, City or Township>Your county, city or town.

Follow simple instructions to get your city, county or town to join if not Coast2CoastRx member.

Enter full name and 10-digit phone or any 10 digit number>Submit

Print out your card.

ABC7NEWS: Coast2CoastRx. Are prescription drugs cheaper to buy without health insurance? by Michael Finney. July 21, 2016.

Above material not covered by ABC7NEWS' Michael Finney.

7.  Manuka Honey

For MRSA, antibiotic resistant bacteria in wounds.  Get at least UMF 10+ or MGO for medicinal effects and more medical information before buying. A reader recommended UMF 15+. We're not doctors.

Note:  saha-CATH5 in Tasmanian Devil's milk may also wipe out MRSA and VREF.

Use a banana peel to remove warts? Surprising home remedies. abc 15 Arizona YouTube video was a bit dated. Video is 5 minutes 44 seconds. Updated the info on the recommended book:

Natural Health Remedies, UPDATED and EXPANDED, Your A-Z Blueprint for Vibrant Health by Janet Macarro.

Using Devil's Milk to Kill Superbugs. SciShow on YouTube, October 28,2016.

8.  Do these work?

YouTube:  AIDS Cure, video. HIV AIDS cure by Tulsa Dr. Gary Davis at Ivory Coast. Inject goat with HIV, antibodies produced.  Dr. Davis injected patients with his serum, They all recovered.  No sure if permanent.

Fear of Mercury from injections:  Baking soda (not baking powder) in water detox

Cancer:  Baking soda and molasses or organic maple syrup

Not sure if the above work and under what conditions.  Ask for R&D.

9.  College and Job Resources on YouTube

Marty Nemko Videos:

Cool Careers for Dummies

  • What Colleges and Graduate Schools Don't Want You to Know
  • Meaning of Life...The life well led

Matt Tran Videos or Engineered Truth:

New Grad Job Hacks:  The Complete Guide to Getting a Job After you Finish College

  • The best and worst majors


William MacAskill, TEDxCambridgeUniversity

  • Don't Work for a Charity

Google: 7 On Your Side college
  • Consumer Reports Explores Options for Paying for College by Michael Finney; Tuesday, April 26, 2016

  • Go to College for Free by Manual Fabriquer (1)
  • Go to College Almost for Free by Ben Kaplan (2)

You can always Google: go to college for free.

(1) 7 On Your Side Examines Student Debt Forgiveness Programs by Michael Finney;  Monday, September 05, 2016.


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